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The Creation Diamond®

A sacred tool which invites you to take a moment, connect with yourself and your crystals. Providing you with a ritual and space for you to set a conscious intention for your day.



The Creation Diamond®

"I love my Creation Diamond! It’s a nurturing and sacred way to start my day with an intention of looking after myself first so I can be my best self as I take care of others.

As a mother, I don’t often have large amounts of time to attend to my self care, but taking the time to tune in and intuitively choose a crystal that I am called to wear for the day, near my heart and can hold in small moments - taking a grounding breath, making a tea, connecting to in a trying moment, reminds me I need not do this on my own. I am surrounded by Universal support - if I just get out of my own way and allow myself to receive it."

Angela - A Life in Flow


The Creation Diamond®

"This gorgeous piece of wearable art was my talisman during my pregnancy and after the birth of my son.

It anchored me, grounded me in moments where my mind would run away, and called in the energy and love I need and continue to need to be a Mother to an incredible soul and to my two fur babies (and run multiple businesses).

I go back to the necklace daily, check in with what I need, and set that intention. Aesthetically it’s stunning, and I can’t walk a few metres without getting a comment about it. It’s a subtle statement, a powerful tool and a reflection of my energy and the energy around me. I just adore The Creation Diamond."

Adele - Vegie Head


The Creation Diamond®

"I have been looking for something like The Creation Diamond for years.

As a woman who knows the power of daily ritual and intention setting it has been a delight working with The Creation Diamond. A powerful and elegant talisman. beautifully designed and so well made.

I love waking every morning and choosing my crystal and setting my intention for the day.

I haven't stopped wearing mine since I got it and have been frequently stopped in the street by other woman drawn to it asking where I got it from!"  

Sara - The Space in Between

We are Anna + LJ

Sisters and best friends.

We believe that everybody wants to live a life that aligns with who they truly are and what they truly want. Love is Your Compass is about doing just that. We call it Heart Centred Living.

We share this Heart Centred Living recipe and the practical and beautiful sacred tools we have created that have supported us.

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