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Maru and Luna

>Now I know most people collect pictures and portraits of their kids…but I don’t have any (yet) and I’m not about to rectify that any time soon (sorry mum) :P….but I do have 2 adorable furkids “Maru” and “Luna” (siamese seal point girlies) so I decided to start commissioning artworks of my furry babies from my very talented friends on Etsy. Here are the first 2 commissions in what I hope will be a much bigger collection 😀

Commission 1 – Askey
To kick my “Maru & Luna collection” off, I commissioned a piece (which I have blogged briefly already) from fantastic illustrator and graphic designer Askey.

I have always found Askey’s style so very striking and her use of line and colour is exquisite…..just take a wander through her Store and you’ll see what I mean.

She was able to capture Maru and Luna to a tea in a totally unfussy, clean, fresh way and her inimitable style just shines out from this piece.

She even managed to work my favourite colour (teal) AND my favourite plant (orchid) into the piece, so I was super duper chuffed 😀 As you can see, I have now framed the piece and it has pride of place in our living room!

Needless to say Askey you will be kept busy when I do eventually have kids hehehe (you have been warned! :P)

Commission 2 – Miss Bunny
For my next addition to “the collection” I have commissioned a print from the lovely and multi-talented Miss Bunny. I’m seriously not joking when I say multi-talented…she customises shoes, makes unusual jewellery, does amazing photo-manipulations and makes plushies as well as her fabulous prints…..that’s some serious creative mojo by anyone’s standards!

Her prints are simple, bold and totally CUTE….I just love the way she manages to capture the essence of a particular animal with a few carefully placed lines. Just take a look at the prints section of her wonderful Etsy Boutique and take a sneaky peek at Chinese crested print and you’ll totally see what I mean.

I just absolutely LOVE this print of Maru and Luna ….this is a pose they so often adopt as they are inseparable and Miss Bunny has just captured that feeling of closeness between them perfectly! I love the little nod to Siam and my Japanese side in the oriental-flavoured background of this piece and TEAL!!! I just love that colour hehehehe….and no I’m never gonna get tired of it!

I think what strikes me the most about this commission, as well as that feeling of closeness between them, is how well Miss Bunny has gotten Maru and Luna’s colouring and the way the different shades blend together seemlessly. What more can I say except I LOVE YOUR WORK Miss Bunny 😀



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