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Furry friends

>These days, I am happy to say that we are a household of 3 non-furries and 3 furries (2 cats and a dog).

I never had pets growing up so when we first welcomed our 2 siamese cats (Maru & Luna) into our home as kittens it was such an exciting time (^_^). I was still working as a legal type in the City of London back then. Life in any large, congested, polluted city can be stressful but especially so if you work long hours at a souless job. It was the knowledge that these 2 little bundles of fur were waiting for me at home which somehow used to get me through the day. They were and still are my antidote to all that is stressful about living in a big city. I remember sitting in my office and wanting to ditch everything to rush home just to get a glimpse of their little furry faces and snatch a quick cuddle.

Just being around them, and animals in general, has always helped me relax and eased the stresses of the day. Animals often seem to be more in tune with us and our emotions than other humans and silently give us all we need to feel better 🙂

As of a month ago, I feel like I am reliving that old feeling of excitement all over again thanks to a very handsome new addition to the household…Shadow the staffy who came attached to my fabulous friend and new housemate Bunny.

Having Shadow around means that I have been discovering a whole new world of walks in the park. Unlike cats, dogs need to be walked no matter how cold, wet, grey it is outside which, in a strange way, has proven to be rather good for my soul. Getting yourself out of the house for a quick breath of fresh air (as fresh as it ever gets in London!) can sometimes prove difficult when you work from home but not when you have a four legged reminder 😀

I also find myself fascinated by the way in which Shadow and my girls have begun to interact. Maru and Luna had never encountered a dog before so their reaction on first meeting Shadow was a bit of an unknown for us all. I’ve read some horror stories about first meetings between dogs and cats but I must admit theirs was a small miracle in my eyes.

Day by day I notice Shadow and the cats working things out calmly and peacefully. If only we humans could do the same the world would be a better place.



  1. >Oh you are SO right! If cats and dogs can work things out heaven knows we should be able to. What a beautiful example and I’m so happy to hear about your new outings! Your darling cats are just SO beautiful, enjoy!♥

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