Month: July 2011

Newest member of our family

Last week was a complete whirlwind! Deep breath before I continue lol A few weeks ago I had filled out an application form to rehome a tiger-point Siamese male called Monty and was given the owners direct contact details. I’d held back contacting her as I was concerned that Monty (9 years old) is older than my two girls (Maru & Luna) who are both 6 and therefore the integration process would be really hard. Then, last Friday I had the overwhelming feeling that I must ring the owner asap, so I did and got an appointment to visit and meet Monty the next day (Saturday). In the world’s fastest ever adoption we ended up bringing Monty home that day! Good thing I rang when I did too because there was someone else interested in adopting him and we would have missed out on the privilege of welcoming this beautiful boy into our family. Advertisements