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Newest member of our family

Last week was a complete whirlwind! Deep breath before I continue lol

A few weeks ago I had filled out an application form to rehome a tiger-point Siamese male called Monty and was given the owners direct contact details. I’d held back contacting her as I was concerned that Monty (9 years old) is older than my two girls (Maru & Luna) who are both 6 and therefore the integration process would be really hard. Then, last Friday I had the overwhelming feeling that I must ring the owner asap, so I did and got an appointment to visit and meet Monty the next day (Saturday). In the world’s fastest ever adoption we ended up bringing Monty home that day! Good thing I rang when I did too because there was someone else interested in adopting him and we would have missed out on the privilege of welcoming this beautiful boy into our family.

Since then we have been happy and knackered in equal measure. Monty is an absolutely gorgeous, friendly boy (and a bit of a ladies cat to boot)..but he IS a boy and likes adventure and exploration (not something my 2 dainty little girls are particularly prone to) which basically translates to investigating the “behind the scenes” areas of our home AKA the loft, under the floor, above the ceiling. Lord knows how he manages to get into these places half the time but clearly are house is hole-ridden. We had one such happening last night at 4am which involved big dutch crawling around in the eaves trying to extract Monty from a corner he’d managed to jam himself into… He’s such a gorgeous boy though that you just can’t hold it against him (^_^)

I am looking forward to the day when I will (hopefully) see the 3 little furry babies curling up together. But for now, we are introducing them slowly a little at a time.



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