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CREATE ~ A Whole New World

Don’t worry, this post isn’t about me breaking into full on Disney songs but about my newly discovered love, or should I call it descent into yarn and knitting madness. I use the word “descent” deliberately, as it is indeed a slippery slope…one minute you’re just “having a wee go at this knitting malarchy” and the next you find yourself “oohing and aahing” in several different yarn shops in a day. Accompanied by my wonderful friend Becky of Chameleon Designs, who like some gleeful yarn elf lead me a merry dance into various yarn shops, I found myself discussing the exciting prospect of meeting Debbie Bliss with one shop assistant. I didn’t even know who Debbie Bliss was last month!! now I am all a fluster at the idea of her gracing a relatively local yarn shop in Guildford in October for a Q&A and to sign some of her books lol. Oh dear…..I think the transformation is well and truly complete!

These hexi-puff blighters are the culprits for my assimilation as well as the wonderful Suzanne Stallard of knithappens and jelly, but seriously I have found knitters to be the most supportive, wonderful people and feel privileged to be in such good company!!

Determined not to be a one trick pony, I have also embarked upon another knitting project to do in tandem with the hexi-puffing…this project, unlike the dainty little puffs, involves HUGE knitting needles and Debbie Bliss’ new Autumn 2011 chunky yarn “Paloma” which I purchased from the lovely, friendly GillianGladRag shop in Dorking. I am loving this Paloma yarn, it’s soft and springy and wonderful against the skin…highly recommend it for chunky winter knits! Ironically, I am knitting this rather chunky thing for my gorgeous sister who lives in Melbourne in Australia lol I keep telling myself it WILL get cold enough for her to actually need it lol

I’ve been pondering what it is about knitting that gets people hooked in this way but haven’t managed to pin it down yet; my theory is that it has something to do with a sense of community and the slightly repetitive yet meditation-like process of knitting. I’d be interested to hear theories from seasoned knitters on this? I really thought myself immune to knitting but apparently not as I have to prevent myself from looking at Ravelry too much for fear I spot too many projects I want to try! If the Spring 2012 issue of UK Handmade magazine doesn’t materialise you can blame it on the knitting (^_-).


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