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Montezuma Magic

That’s my nickname for our beautiful adopted Tabby point Siamese boy “Monty”, who is THE most loving and cuddly lad ever. It’s strange how, as you get to know an animal, you notice their little foibles just as you would a human friend. Monty has this quirky little purr which I like to think sounds like a little hamster hurriedly pulling at a pulley system which requires a bit of oiling lol It’s just the best sound ever. I’ve tried to capture on video to share because it’s just so sweet but haven’t been very successful (too much background noise and me doing worrying deep breathing lol). Here’s the video anyway.

Monty is missing a digit on his right paw (a run-in with a neighbourhood bully cat before he came to us), but this doesn’t appear to bother him at all and he just gets on with the business of being bloody marvellous!

Admittedly he isn’t quite as energetic as Maru & Luna, but the girls are 3 years younger as Monty is 9, which is about 63 in human years….he certainly doesn’t look his age but he does get on really well with my dad (similar age you see) and can often be found sleeping contentedly next to him when my folks visit…I like to joke that they are two sleep old men…bless them both (^_^)

We’ve made a few adjustments to accommodate our expanding feline family over the last few months; we have built a large cat run which occupies the courtyard between the kitchen and the conservatory (my office) which all three seem to enjoy and appreciate and was rather a fun DIY project for big dutch and I. Strangely, as we were building the run I had visions of interlinking runs all round the house and garden lol…mwahahaha I have plans!…better not tell big dutch about that yet though, he’s only just recovering from building this one.

The one and only thing that has been a bit of an issue is that Monty likes to do his number 1s outside and not in the litter tray (thankfully he does his number 2s in the tray!) which is fine when I can detect from his “please can you open the door mum” meows that he needs the loo so can give him access to the large cat run we built, but not fine when he needs the loo in the middle of the night and decides to go up the wall in the alcove under the telly lol So, our project for the weekend was to fit a cat flap to the stable door in out utility room so he has more freedom to come and go as he pleases. The cat flap even has an “In” and “Out” indicator thingmyjig which I thought was fabulously clever (sorry I am easily pleased).

I also asked my amazing artist friend Sabrina Thomas to make a portrait of Monty as he’s not a true Stassen until there’s an S.Thomas portrait of him hanging in our living room lol She very graciously obliged and did the most amazing job, capturing him perfectly!

So, on balance I’d say things are going rather well and Maru, Luna and Monty, whilst not quite at the snuggling together stage, all sleep with me at night and have agreed their various spots in the bed lol I’ve noticed a fair amount of nose kisses (cat greeting) between them too and the other day Luna was grooming Monty (until he got a bit jumpy and snapped) so I have hope!

I get lots of cat therapy each day so I for one am a happy camper (^_^)


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  1. ratsicle says

    Montezuma is such a cutie. I love his markings and his wise expressions. Glad that the 3 little ones are all getting on.

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