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Aussie handmade goodies!

I’m pleased to say that the handmade movement here in Melbourne is definitely live and kicking, albeit with more of an indie flavour than London perhaps! There are tons of Melbourne-based designer-makers and markets dedicated to showcasing their work that Melbournites really are rather spoilt for choice in my opinion. As avid supporters of handmade and buying from our local designers, LJ & I always try to buy handmade gifts and goodies for eachother because there’s just that little “je ne sais quoi” about handmade pressies that mass-produced wotnots can’t touch!

Here are a couple of the amazing Melbourne-based designer-makers whos work we doubt our list of faves will be growing daily:

Ink & Spindle

Check out some of their lush fabrics and products here:

Ink & Spindle is a boutique textile studio located in Kensington, Melbourne which is owned and run by the very talented and beautiful (yes they are gorgeous too…just not fair!) design duo Lara Cameron & Tegan Rose. Everything is designed and screen printed in house and by hand using ethical and sustainable methods.

We had the very great fortune to visit the Ink & Spindle ladies at their studio during one of their open studio demo sessions last August which was astoundingly fantastic. I loved seeing them in their creative domain and their amazing 10 metre printing table!

Little Circus Design (Madeleine Stamer)

Check out her gorgeous products here:

Madeleine is a Melbourne-based freelance illustrator and she uses her illustration skills to create a gorgeous range of prints and homewares! She also does some really inspiring collaborations with other Melbourne-based designer-makers like her jewellery collaboration with A Skulk of Foxes (another one on our list of faves!). We love her distinctive style and bold illustrations (^_^)

More next time

anna x



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