Month: June 2013

A Question of Health not Weight cont…

So the American Medical Association declared yesterday that obesity is now a *disease*against the advice of their OWN council on science and public health no less….what that means is that I am now classified as diseased, hell probably half my friends and family are now classified similarly according to AMA. I feel like the world is going mad sometimes….where’s the common sense in this declaration? All it does is open the door for big pharmaceutical companies (who have no doubt lobbied for this outcome in the first place) to now legitimately tout their pills as a cure for the disease obesity. Having spoken about the HAES (Health At Every Size) approach and the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) approach in my previous post on this issue, this seems like a GIANT step backwards. random pic of my smiling siamese cat maru as I needed something to cheer me up after this news! Advertisements

A Question of Health Not Weight

We’ve got this tv programme over here at the moment called *the biggest loser*, I utterly detest this show but that and a conversation I was having with LJ the other day got me thinking about weight and food and my relationship with food. I’ve been on the diet train back and forth between over weight –> healthy weight (for me around a UK size 12-14) –> over weight more times than I care to mention. I feel like weight has been an ongoing battle all my life and food has alternately been my best friend (when I need comfort) and my worst enemy (when I want to eat it but I’m not supposed to).

What’s in a Name

It’s been raining quite a bit here in Melbourne of late but today I awoke to a stunning winter’s morning with bright blue sky and the sun shining down as if the universe were giving its blessing. Just as well because today we drove up to Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm in Daylesford (North West of Melbourne) with a small group of close family for magoo’s naming ceremony. It was held under the same 200 year old walnut tree that LJ and Tom got married under so the location had extra special significance!

Australian Handmade Goodies for Little Ones!

I’ve been a bit under the weather these past few days (yes we’ve officially entered cold and flu season down under), so I’ve been sequestered indoors and whiling away the time perusing handmade delights from local (Australian) design talent. These days, more often than not, I find my internet scrolling veers off into the realms of cute stuff for kiddies (becoming an auntie does something to your brain I swear!) or more specifically for Magoo (I know I’m not even his mum lol). Aaaaanyway, I thought I’d share a few of the gorgeous items I came across: Clockwise from top left: Toddler Boy Moustache Harem Pants by bubbymakesthree [Sydney] (>O<) Japanese Style Fleece Jumper by Cheeky Britches [Melbourne] (^_^) Moustache Baby/Toddles Singlet by Baby Lulabell [Melbourne] (>O<) Children’s Wing Chair by Flaunt Design [Melburne] (^_^) Around We Go Clock by the make lab [Melbourne] (>O<) Clockwise from top left: Knitted Navy Cross Bean Bag by la de dah kids [Melbourne] (^_^) Crochet Blue & Grey Round Floor Mat  by la de dah kids (>O<) Reversible Cotton Baby’s Blanket by la de dah kids (^_^) Original …

Magoo’s Nursery

I’ve finally found a moment to jot down something so I thought I’d write about preparing for Magoo’s (nickname) arrival and some of the lovely little handmade things I found when putting together his nursery. I loved being pregnant with Magoo and the feeling of him moving and tickling. There was something really nurturing about setting up the nursery…somewhere warm and inviting to welcome a new person to our family.