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Magoo’s Nursery

I’ve finally found a moment to jot down something so I thought I’d write about preparing for Magoo’s (nickname) arrival and some of the lovely little handmade things I found when putting together his nursery. I loved being pregnant with Magoo and the feeling of him moving and tickling. There was something really nurturing about setting up the nursery…somewhere warm and inviting to welcome a new person to our family.

I love things that are handmade because they have been lovingly crafted by an artist and there’s a little bit of them, *their magic*,  in each item. I also like to try and buy local and I believe in quality over quantity so would rather save up for something I really love. I want to bring Magoo up to value and appreciate what he has and I’m realising that babies don’t need lots of toys…to them, a plastic cup is a toy, something to be explored and drooled on. Here are a few of the designer-makers who’s beautiful handmade work I have included in Magoo’s nursery. These are the things I hope he can look back on when he’s older which will remind him of being a happy little kid.

When I’m changing his nappy he gets to watch the clouds on his mobile float around. It’s made by a gorgeous lady called Madeleine Sargent *Made by Mosey*. She is not only supremely talented but one of the nicest and most generous people.  I love his cloud mobile because whenever he’s wriggling on the change mat, I just make the clouds move and he starts smiling. I point and say “clouds sweetie, these are clouds” and in the last few weeks he’s started to say “coo” as if he’s trying to say cloud back to me. They also match the lovely removable fabric cloud and raindrops wall decal by *love mae*

Handmade sheep cushion by Mary Kilvert (UK)

Another of my favourites and also a Made by Mosey creation is the Plush forest. A gorgeous set of handmade plush trees that come with little loops on the back and easy sticky hooks to secure them to the wall! The plush forest is growing above Magoo’s cot watching over him and they are the first thing he sees when he wakes up.


Above the plush forest are 3 prints by Ashley G framed in recycled wood frames from the Mulbury Gallery. I’ve had these prints for about 7 years and always kept them to put up in a nursery one day. So there they are!

I had great fun collecting pictures and prints for Magoo’s picture wall when I was pregnant and mixing them in with gifts from family and friends. My sister and I also made some fabric pictures with Ink & Spindle fabric mounted in embroidery hoops of different sizes. Magoo also has a stunning hand embroidered clock by Mason Bee (UK) (gifted to me by my beautiful sister and 1 of only 4 in the world – 2 of which are in my family as my sister has one too) hanging in his nursery which makes a soothing *tick tock* sound and helps him fall asleep. I love the overall effect (^_^) and hopefully Magoo does too.

(Prints: ‘the owl and the pussy cat ‘ series and “from little things big things grow” by printspace)

We’ve always asked friends and family for books whenever they’ve asked what they can get for Magoo so he has now amassed quite an impressive collection of both English and Japanese children’s book. I’ve made a wall of books for him using some good ol’ Ikea picture shelves.

Wall of BooksHere are some of my other recommendations for handmade stuff for babies and kids:

Am sure there are lots more that I have forgotten but I’ll post them another time (^_-)

LJ x


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