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What’s in a Name

It’s been raining quite a bit here in Melbourne of late but today I awoke to a stunning winter’s morning with bright blue sky and the sun shining down as if the universe were giving its blessing. Just as well because today we drove up to Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm in Daylesford (North West of Melbourne) with a small group of close family for magoo’s naming ceremony. It was held under the same 200 year old walnut tree that LJ and Tom got married under so the location had extra special significance!

I hadn’t really given much thought to naming ceremonies before, or names for that matter, perhaps as a consequence of not having kids of my own yet, but today I realised the power in a name. Today, we formally welcomed the beautiful little soul that is my nephew to the world and each offered our protective wishes, promises and hopes for his life’s journey. His parents called to the guardian spirits of nature to bless him with all their powers, energies and forces and each of us wrote our own blessings to celebrate the joy and privilege of knowing this little chap and the delight he brings to all our lives.

I lifted this next bit from the ceremony itself because, Suzanne, the wonderful celebrant has such a perfect way with words and this was one of my favourite bits:

“his name has its origins in many cultures, especially Welsh & Japanese. It’s the Welsh origins that call him the Ruler, Kingship. In Japan the name refers to love and to the lotus flower. The lotus flower is the highest energy in Sanskrit traditions. It represents the seventh chakra Sahasrara, the crown chakra- hence the link to Kingship perhaps. It’s the all being, all is one chakra. Pure consciousness, bliss, acceptance that all is One.

I also know that in Confucianism, his name is the summation of human virtues; it is the inner cultivation of conscience and character and has been translated as “benevolence,” “humaneness,” or simply “goodness” so you see there’s definitely a bit of power in little magoo’s name and (I realise I am biased) but he does live up to all those things!

Happy Naming Day Magoo!!



  1. Kirsty says

    So glad it was a wonderful day 🙂 our little twinnies both had their special days. Kisses to that gorgeous boy xx

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