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A Question of Health not Weight cont…

So the American Medical Association declared yesterday that obesity is now a *disease*against the advice of their OWN council on science and public health no less….what that means is that I am now classified as diseased, hell probably half my friends and family are now classified similarly according to AMA. I feel like the world is going mad sometimes….where’s the common sense in this declaration? All it does is open the door for big pharmaceutical companies (who have no doubt lobbied for this outcome in the first place) to now legitimately tout their pills as a cure for the disease obesity. Having spoken about the HAES (Health At Every Size) approach and the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) approach in my previous post on this issue, this seems like a GIANT step backwards.

marusmilerandom pic of my smiling siamese cat maru as I needed something to cheer me up after this news!

Anyway I could continue to rant but this lovely lady has written a far more informative blog post on the matter so I shall hand you over to her:

According to the AMA, we fat people are no longer just people, we are diseased, defective, damaged, broken.  We are officially diseases to be cured, prevented, eradicated.

PS: There’s a petition calling for a halt to this here if you’d like to show your distain:

PPS: Still working on LJ to write on this issue because she has SO much amazing wisdom and knowledge to share….let’s hope magoo’s teething lets up long enough for her to squeeze a post in! In the meantime here’s a comment she made I nicked off her facebook page (^_-)

The thing I’ve found about weight and looking after yourself is that it’s easier to improve your health and be a comfortable weight when you love and accept yourself. If Doctors make assumptions about your lifestyle or health based solely on your BMI it creates such a cycle of guilt and shame rather than encouragement and support. For me it’s not helpful to be shamed in to losing weight. I did that at school and all I ended up being was a size 8 girl with the same issues and lack of self confidence, only I was in a slim body. The outer shell had changed but the inner self still had the same difficult relationship with food. I’m happy to say that the HAES approach has really helped me. It might not show on the outside with a miraculous weight loss but I know that things are different for me on the inside and for the first time in my life my weight is stable or decreasing slowly rather than on an upward trajectory and I no longer diet!!!!


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