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Extra Curricular Magazine

I’ve been meaning to talk about this magazine for a while now since I bought my first copy…the *self-sufficiency* issue (issue 10…this is an older issue as they are just about to release issue 12) a few months ago!

As the tag line states, extra curricular magazine is for *creative folk*…that doesn’t mean, however, that it’s a *craft* magazine (although there are some how to’s in there) …I’d call this a *lifestyle* magazine for creative folk! It’s got a real, going back to the basics, doing things with care and attention and taking care of the things that matter feel to it which I absolutely LOVE! For example, issue 10 talked about *slow fashion* *home brewing* *bee-keeping* and living a self-sufficient lifestyle.

Here’s what they say:

Extra curricular is a magazine about people getting creative with their spare time. Whether they have a 9 to 5 job, a fledgling business or children to keep them busy, the folks we profile like to keep the right side of the brain active in their off-hours. We like to feature up-and-coming creatives who care about the world and what they are putting out into it.

2013-05-22 15.40.04

So, what do I love about extra curricular…(blimey what’s not to love)

  • it’s handbag sized!
  • 72 pages packed full of intelligent, thoughtful articles about ordinary, creative people doing aspirational (for me at least) things (keeping  bees!);
  • scattered with gorgeous photography and illustrations;
  • a generous helping of how to’s – I loved “the kitchen sink school of herbal medicine” (making your own herbal remedies), “Got the bug” (making your own starter culture for baking sour dough bread) and “A Whole New World” (making your own terrarium) from Issue 10;
  • just the right amount of relevant advertising…not too much and not too little;
  • printed on 100% recycled FSC certified stock using vegetable-based inks;
  • utterly collectable (in my head I can already see a whole shelf of extra curricular issues); and
  • it retains that small, handmade, *labour of love* by a dedicated tight team feel which I always think make the best publications!

The magazine is based in New Zealand so you might wonder whether the articles will be relevant, but from what I’ve read thus far I don’t think it matters where you’re based, if you like this sort of thing you’ll find the magazine inspiring none the less (^_^)

The latest issue will be out on 27th July but you can pre-order it HERE


Anna x



    • That’s awesome hon!! I am going to buy all the issue’s I don’t have once we’ve got this house purchasing malarchy (and associated costs) out of the way (^_-) which issues did you order?

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