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Happy 1st Birthday Mr Magoo!

LJ and I have been busy bees for the past couple of months preparing for magoo’s 1st birthday (^_^) More than once, I’ve found myself pondering whether it’s normal for 2 grown women to be SO excited about planning and preparing for a child’s party and asking myself “are we going *way* overboard?


I guess, for LJ and I, the importance of savouring, enjoying and immersing ourselves in every minute of this process is brought in to sharp focus by the preceding years of being too far away from one another to ever contemplate anything of the sort.


For me (and I know this goes for LJ too), this time leading up to Magoo’s big day has been a truly precious time…..not only have we been planning a celebration of the most gorgeous, beautiful little soul but we have had the chance to do it together…to stand in the same room and make decorations, to go shopping and find goodies, to sit down with a cuppa and mull over the details of bunting or the menu… all the things we’ve yearned to do together for so long and all the things that are so easily taken for granted until you can’t do them.


Each moment we have spent planning this celebration is a moment we are also celebrating our own reunion and the pleasure has been magnified by the fact that (our parents) Magoo’s UK grandma and grandpa have made the 17000km trip to be here to celebrate with us.


It’s been a long time coming but I feel like I’m finally where I am meant to be and life is good. All the small pleasures, whether that be planning a party or sharing a meal or having a chat over tea are finally ours to revel in and the best thing of all is we never need go through the heart breaking (physically painful) ordeal of saying goodbye to one another at the airport ever again!

Happy Birthday my beautiful little magoo, I am already looking forward to planning your next birthday with your gorgeous mummy (^_^)…love you always auntie Anna xxx

I know that for LJ this celebration also marks her first year of being a mummy and I’m sure she has some thoughts to share on that so I will leave that to her………………….

Anna x



  1. Laura Mason says

    Beautiful. I’m so thrilled for you all that you get to share in this experience. I know how much it means to you xx

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