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Frank-ly Gorgeous

Anyone who shares their lives with a furry companion will know that we don’t really ever *own* them…it’s really the other way around….my two little furry seal point siamese girls totally and utterly own me, heart and soul. I became *owned* (as I am now going to refer to it) relatively late in life when, in my mid-20s, we decided to welcome two gorgeous Siamese seal-point sisters into our lives.


Luna & Maru

We visited them as kittens a few times but from the outset, one of them made a b-line for me. I remember picking up that little kitten and saying “I am coming back to get you so wait for me” and that was Maru (shortly followed by her sister Luna). I felt that little kitten chose me and not the other way around…and so I finally get to what this post is actually about!!



I’ve always wanted to share our lives with a friend of the canine persuasion but the time never seemed to be quite right before. Now the universe seems to have decided it’s time!

My beautiful, wise friend said to me once (paraphrasing slightly) “Animals know who they should be with, it’s us humans that are more timid..” and so it is that we have been blessed and given the opportunity to be *owned* by the gorgeous Frank who has taken a liking to us (^_^).

We are so excited about welcoming this lovely chap in to our lives this weekend and have been busy preparing for his arrival. One of the most useful things we have done is watched an awesome video by a lady called Jan Fennell (aka the dog listener) about how dogs communicate with one another and how we, as human beings, can speak to them in their own behavioural signals by observing how the alpha in a pack communicates its position to the rest of the pack….seriously worth watching!!

Anna x



  1. dawnb says

    I’m so excited for you, I can’t wait for your adventure with Frank to begin, he is gorgeous! 🙂 xx

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