Month: October 2013

365 Days of Magoo

It has been well over 365 days since I said hello face to face with the little person we nicknamed *Raspberry* (we now call him by his new nickname him Magoo), as that’s the size he was (although we didn’t know that he was a he) when we gave him the name! For me, it was an amazing experience to carry and grow another human being inside of me. As a woman, I think it is an amazing gift to be able to bond with your baby for 10 months before they’re born. I relished and enjoyed being pregnant because for the first time in my life, my body was something to be celebrated, nurtured and to be in awe of. It was me that was growing our little baby and I could feel him moving and waving his little hands. It was also wonderful not to have to hold my belly in for once and be able to proudly say “Yes! I am pregnant!” lol People always asked me if I knew whether we …

Family Portraits

It’s become a bit of a tradition in our household to commission a very special portrait whenever a new furry character joins our family. So on Frank’s arrival into our fold, in keeping with tradition, I contacted my friend Sabrina to commission a very special portrait of him in all his beautiful long-haired glory (even though he has now had a bit of a summer hair cut!).

The World is Small when Love is Your Compass

I’ve always loved looking at the world map. It fascinates me that the world is so vast and yet seems so small when you look at it on one page. A few years ago I bought a wall sized world map which hung in our study…..which became Magoo’s nursery. It’s currently in our bedroom and I love staring at it each morning.