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The World is Small when Love is Your Compass

I’ve always loved looking at the world map. It fascinates me that the world is so vast and yet seems so small when you look at it on one page. A few years ago I bought a wall sized world map which hung in our study…..which became Magoo’s nursery. It’s currently in our bedroom and I love staring at it each morning.


Mum the original adventurer

Our mother moved to the UK from Japan when she was in her early 20’s, met our father and the rest, as they say, is history. She was the original pioneer as it were, the one who showed us that the world is small when love is your compass. So, although it surprised many people when I upped sticks and moved to the other side of the world to be with my now husband Tom, who we call *McAussie*, it was something that felt completely natural to me. I just followed my heart and this is where it led me, to Melbourne Australia. I know that might sound simplistic but when you really break it down that’s just what I did.

Moving for Tom

*The world is small when love is your compass* was a line that I came up with when Tom and I were planning our wedding. We have been on such a massive journey together since first meeting back at university in the UK. It wasn’t a case of boy meets girl and happily ever after because Tom was only at the university short term on a year abroad from his Aussie uni and the timing for both of us wasn’t quite right as we were both so young but something about him always stayed with me and vice versa. My father always said to me that when you meet the right person, you just know and that is exactly how I’ve always felt about Tom. For us, it was a soul recognition. We both decided that life was too short not to give love a go and I am so grateful that we did!

Anna and Menno’s move to Melbourne

Anna and Menno have been on a long journey together too (bit of a theme in our family). They met in Kyoto Japan when Anna came out to visit me when I was studying there (Menno was one of my classmates)! After our studies, instead of moving back from Japan to Holland, Menno bravely moved straight to London to be with Anna and again, the rest as they say is history. I suppose that move was slightly less complicated than their recent move here…it’s easy to forget how fortunate those in the EU are to be able to move about freely!

As for their recent move, Anna told me that it was actually Menno’s suggestion that they emigrate to Melbourne because he could see how unhappy she was knowing that she wouldn’t get to see Magoo growing up and share that time with us. By all accounts emigrating to Australia isn’t easy and it took about a year from them getting all the right paperwork together to apply to being granted their visas which actually is a pretty good time line considering how long these things sometimes take years! We are all so grateful that they are here. In fact they found out that the first stage of their visa was granted on the same day that our little Ren was born, so we feel like it was meant to be.

It was a nail-biting year for all of us. Anna said that the thing that kept them going through that time (and the hard slog of doing up the house and selling it) was the vision of us all being together one day, taking Ren for picnics and hanging out which has now become a reality!

You see, love really can be your compass! It might not happen straight away, Anna and Menno first tried to emigrate back in 2007/2008 but it didn’t work out as the timing just wasn’t right, these things obviously need the right time, but they are here now and we cherish every minute with them!

I’m a great believer in following your heart and listening to your instincts and that’s mainly where *the world is small when love is your compass* came from (^_^)

LJ x



  1. I loved reading about your journeys! (On a purely selfish note, the revelation that A&M tried to emigrate back in 2007 momentarily filled me with panic – if they’d succeeded, our paths might have never crossed..)

    • Aw thanks Sian! Ah yes, that’s so true! Clearly your were meant to cross paths with A&M and it all worked out as it needed to. 🙂 x

    • Awww bless you Sian! Gosh we might never have spent 2hrs of our lives we’d never get back watching that crappy movie, eating chinese takeaway and pissing ourselves laughing…t’was meant to be…goodtimes 🙂

  2. Anna and Menno’s story is one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITE things and I think about it a lot. Especially with all that is happening for me right now in my life and where that might take me. Anna has of course told me some of you and McAussie’s story and its really cool to see how the theme has continued.down the line. And I love reading your writing. Keep it up! xxx

    • Thank you lovey. Yes, Anna and Menno’s story is so beautiful. I think that if you follow your instincts, then it can’t really go wrong. I mean, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t bumps in the road of course. Tom and I had to work really hard to even be in the same country together but the whole visa process really made us realise just how much we wanted to be together. I think when you find love, you can overcome almost any obstacle if you work together. I’m excited for you on your journey!!! ❤

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