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Family Portraits

It’s become a bit of a tradition in our household to commission a very special portrait whenever a new furry character joins our family. So on Frank’s arrival into our fold, in keeping with tradition, I contacted my friend Sabrina to commission a very special portrait of him in all his beautiful long-haired glory (even though he has now had a bit of a summer hair cut!).

In our house, we have what we refer to as the “Sabrina Thomas wall” which showcases our collection of her simply AMAZING portraits. I have to send her an extra special thank you this time as I have essentially dragged her out of  artistic retirement to produce this for us and it certainly doesn’t disappoint! One of the things I LOVE about Sabrina’s portraits is that she always sends me progress shots of how the work is progressing which is like watching magic unfold!

Here’s the stunning finished piece which will now join the rest of the portraits on the Sabrina Thomas wall and will be much admired!


Her work just blows me away so I wanted to share.

Anna x


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