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Beautiful Souls

It’s always been one of my favourite things meeting talented, creative, inspiring folk. I loved meeting UK designers back when I was with UK Handmade and I’ve now had the pleasure of meeting a few Melbourne-based designers and it’s definitely brought back that same feeling of awesomeness.


I had the very great pleasure of bumping into one such amazing designer at this years The Finder’s Keepers market in Melbourne, the exceedingly talented Madeleine Sargent of Made by Mosey who I had been following on instagram for a while already (don’t worry not in a stalkery way). Madeleine makes a stunning range of design pieces for the nursery and home, created entirely by hand with love and care here in Melbourne, Victoria. Magoo’s got a few of Madeleine’s pieces in his nursery which he loves and I’ve had my eye on one of Madeleine’s dreamer mobiles for a while now. 

I don’t think it would be remiss to say that this lovely lady has a bit of a cult following these days, although you’d never know it to speak to her as she’s so humble and grounded and simply divine!! I fell in love with her gorgeous handmade work when I first saw her handmade feathers because of the feeling of delight that comes across in them. Madeleine uses a smorgasbord of colours in her unique designs and her products are simply happy-making, so I treated myself to one of her beautiful mobiles recently. The dreamer I chose *Dreamer Mobile Natural* is a beautiful subtle mix of natural, calming colours and hangs proudly in a window of my home bringing all who stay in our home (cats, dog, humans) good energy (^_^).

Madeleine has recently worked on a collaboration with two other designers: Ouchflower and Fable Folk to create some extra special Limited Edition dreamers as well (definitely on my wishlist!). I believe designers inject their own beautiful, creative soul energy into the pieces they make and that’s what makes it an honour and really special to own something handmade by someone with love and care.

Speaking of good energy, I recently had a beautiful blessing and clearing done on my home by the fabulous Sara Brooke of the space in between which was an amazing experience and one I highly recommend to any home owner. The energy in my home feels totally amazing now and Sara is one of those people who I feel makes the world a better place by just being in it. It’s a hard one to explain but she’s the most awesome mentor/teacher/healer whilst being totally and utterly unpretentious and grounded!! I’ve only met her twice but she’s definitely my kind of folk (^_^)

LJ & I were lucky enough to get spots on her “Discover Your Psychic Ability” Meditation & Spiritual Development Workshops back in October. I’ll be honest, I was a bit scared going in as I wasn’t sure what to expect and worried I wasn’t *spiritual* enough but my fears were entirely unfounded and it was AMAZING. We learnt some really useful meditation techniques (which even I can do and I am one of the most impatient people I know) and the workshop also helped me focus better on a side of myself I often ignore but have always been aware is pretty powerful.

Since the workshop, I’ve found myself meditating in all manner of places: sitting in the car outside Bunnings waiting for big dutch (husband) to return, sitting quietly at home with my animals….it really is that easy and I’ve been really surprised. I’ve also found that even the tiniest bit of meditation makes a huge difference to how I feel about things which is great. The workshop also taught me how to create more space for myself both physically and energetically which is a HUGE relief as I was never very good at it.

I’m hoping to get a place in one of Sara’s regular meditation classes from next year which I know will be the best New Years gift I can give myself (^_^). You can read a great interview with the beautiful Sara here:

That’s all for today.

Anna x



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