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This Friday will mark the three month-versary of Frank the fabulous border collie joining the Stassen clan (^_^) I for one can’t remember life before Frank as he has become such a beloved part of our family and I really hope he is enjoying his new digs.

We are blessed with plenty of wide open spaces nearby our new home so Frank gets plenty of exercise and with his new shorter haircut folk regularly mistake him for a pup (even though he’s 93 in human years lol) I’m just happy that he is looking so young and sprightly and that I can keep up with him!!


In terms of integrating Frank with our cats, it’s been pretty plain sailing for the most part with Maru & Luna, our two Siamese girls, taking the newcomer in their stride albeit sometimes rather warily (which is probably wise of them). We do have to watch Frank’s eagerness to chase the girls from time to time (an animal communicator we had visit called this *prey drive* and warned to keep an eye on it so we do) but he’s relatively obedient and we take precautions to keep them separate when we go out so everyone remains safe and intact!

As well as following Jan Fennell’s Amichien Bonding techniques, for the first couple of months we also had clearly defined separate areas for the girls and for Frank courtesy of magoo’s old playpen railings but these have now come down since the move to our new house. We figured the new place is new territory for everyone so they can work things out afresh which they seem to have done. I‘ve found that the pot bellied stove has been a good tool for bonding all the furries….nothing like cold weather and a shared heat source to get them together.

luna&frank_fireplaceI feel very blessed to have the opportunity to spend my daily life with this gorgeous chap….he’s such a sweet boy (^_^) He’s in pretty good nick for 13 years old, with just the odd bit of arthritis which we are helping him with. I hope I’m in as rude health when I’m his age (^_-)

Anna x



  1. Kirsty Love says

    I can’t believe how young he looks with his new haircut Anna! He looks do well. Happy for you all x

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