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Year of the *Spassens

*Note Spassen = amalgamation of two surnames (^_-)

Facebook prodded me the other day to click on their *year in review* app (a clever algorithm which pulls together a special timeline highlighting 20 of the biggest moments on FB from your life over the last 12 months). Not that I needed FB to remind me of this but we’ve had a pretty BIG year with some truly momentous moments along the way.

For me, 2013 has been a year of wishes come true: to be close to those I love the most in the world and to be able to watch Magoo grow and mature into an amazing little boy and be there *in person* day-to-day to love and support him on his life journey a long with his awesome mum and dad (^_^) These have been fulfilled time and again and I feel so very blessed. Here are some photos of some of the highlights:

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Life isn’t always glamorous and there are inevitably a few curve balls to deal with, not to mention missing friends back in the UK, but having the support and love of *team spassen* has made it SO much easier. So, in many ways, this year has whizzed past in a whirl of just feeling happy, blessed and grateful to be near my family, because doing the simple things that make up every day life takes on such meaning, colour and magic when you get to do them with the people you love.

2013-10-12 12.12.31

Anna x


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