Year: 2014

Why every pregnant woman deserves a Blessing way Ceremony

Up until very recently I didn’t really know what a Blessing way Ceremony was nor what one entailed. I’d seen photos of women with beautiful henna covered bellies wearing crowns of flowers, but I hadn’t understood the significance of what it all symbolised. I’ve only been to a few baby showers in my life and they were all lovely, but I observed that it was more focused on the baby and preparing the mother practically. There didn’t seem to be much time for the pregnant woman to reflect on how she was feeling and it certainly wasn’t the deeper spiritual ritual that I instinctively knew that I wanted. I chose not to have a baby shower when I was pregnant with my first but, during this (my second pregnancy), after looking in to Blessing ways further, I felt like I had finally found a way of celebrating this life event in a way that was meaningful to me. Advertisements

Soul Recognition

It was a warm Sunday morning when I arrived at my Reiki 1 training, I stepped into the hall feeling that excited-nervous buzz when one is about to embrace something new and unknown. Our gorgeous reiki master, Sara, got us to introduce ourselves and I listened with interest as each story unfolded and we learnt why we had each decided to embark upon this reiki journey. Just as I was settling down to listen to the next person introduce herself, I had a moment of “I know you!”…the sense of familiarity was uncanny and I racked my brains as to where I might have met her before, but to no avail. I just couldn’t place her no matter HOW hard I tried because, in truth, I had never met her before, well not in this life time at least!

Intuitive Flower Essences

Today, I had the very great pleasure of taking part in a beautiful Intuitive Flower Essence work shop run by the gorgeous Melinda of MK Wellbeing (along with some other beautiful souls…you know who you are!) where we got to make our own special flower essences! I’m such a HUGE fan of the gentle supportive energy of flower essences and start each day by standing in front of a selection of Melinda’s flower essence mists, which I keep in my reiki room, and intuitively selecting the one which will best support me that day….it’s a beautiful way to start the day with an intuitive *checking-in* with myself!

Why I Don’t Watch the News

Until about a year ago, I used to digest every bit of soul-destroying, negative news reporting as if it was my *duty* to be informed, no matter how horrific, but I don’t watch the mainstream news any more (except for scanning the headlines briefly on news websites). Instead, I made a conscious decision to focus on positive news from around the world and turn my energy and my attention to other shifts that are currently occurring which the mainstream media largely ignore. It can be so very easy to get bogged down with all the things that aren’t right with the world and in doing so one can totally miss all the amazing things that ARE happening, one of which is the fact that so many of us are “awakening” and realising *who/what we really are* and *why we are here*.

Sweet Robin

I found myself crying the other day as I watched a heartfelt tribute by Billy Crystal to the late Robin Williams. So, why was I sat there crying over the loss of someone I didn’t personally know and whose films and comedy shows I’d only really ever watched if they happened to be on the TV (it’s not like I was an out and out fan or anything)? I’ve spent the last few days pondering this and I think I have an answer of sorts….. Perhaps, as human beings, we instinctively want to belong (not only for evolutionary safety purposes) because somewhere deep down inside our souls we all feel this longing to be connected. Indeed, it is MY belief that we ARE all connected on an energetic level (reiki has demonstrated that to me in abundance) but this doesn’t mean that one necessarily *feels* connected. Understanding that we are all part of this *oneness* (for want of a better word) is vastly different from feeling like we actually ARE part of it. In fact, I know many people who do or …