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Meditative Painting

I touched on it briefly in my previous post, but I’ve been pondering why and precisely when I decided to stop painting and allowed this precious meditative gift to slip through my fingers for almost two decades. I do recall painting in my second year of university, it was a waterfall scene which I had emblasoned in my memory from a trip to Tanzania with my then boyfriend and that painting was to adorn my uni bedroom for the remainder of my studies (in fact I’ve still got it now).

Now that I’ve picked up my brushes again, I just can’t fathom why I ever put them down in the first place. Perhaps I took the simple, creative pleasure of applying paints to canvas for granted and had my head turned by the usual student pursuits….socialising, clubbing, hanging out at the student union lol Perhaps I was just too busy with study or bogged down with a feeling of heavy depression to paint…who knows but one thing I can say for certain is that I feel very very blessed that the universe thought fit to give me a second chance with it all.

I started another painting just over a week ago and am revelling in the process. It’s SO good for me as it teaches patience (as the various layers dry) which gives me the space and time to meditate on things and come back with a fresh injection of creativity each time I return to the canvas. I’ve been taking snap shots of each stage to see how the whole thing unfolds…it’s not finished yet by a long shot but I just wanted to share how much fun I’m having and sort of logging the process as it unfolds.

In my head I’ve called the painting *Awakening Lotus* because it represents an awakening (or perhaps a re-awakening) in myself both creatively and spiritually.

Love and light

Anna x


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