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Dream Big

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I’m sure most of us were asked this as children and I’m equally sure that the answers varied from pretty tame to totally out there and everything in between. I was one of those little girls that “wanted to be a princess” when I grew up and my friend “wanted to be an astronaut” and whilst I’m pretty sure “princess” isn’t something most of us can be or do, I applaud my younger self for dreaming big!

Where along the road to adulthood do we lose the ability to dream big? Does it get left somewhere along the wayside along with other vestiges of childhood? Perhaps it falls prey to an onslaught of logic and the attrition of reality and social norms where we find ourselves left with *hopes* and *desires* the humbler cousin of *dreams*?

Well, I’m not happy to settle for that so I’m reminding myself and you (if you need a kick up the butt too) to:

Dream big, for your dreams are the seeds of your future waiting to unfurl and grow!


I find that using a vision board is an awesome tool for dreaming big (^_^) not only do you get to collect pretty pictures and assemble them into a wonderful collage-esque (I know that’s not a real word lol) assault upon your eyeballs, but with a rather clever on-line board I found called “dreamitalive” (it’s still in beta though) you can also attach little notes and affirmations to the picture which pop up when you hover over or click on the image…I’d show you but mine are all secret shhhhhhhhhh (^_-)

It’s interesting because I put this one together a few months ago now and having revisited it, I can already see how some of the notes I wrote are starting to unfurl and grow and move into sight and within reach!! Amazing what the power of directing your deliberate intention to something can achieve. I also feel like the process of putting one of these vision boards together is a really good way to get some clarity on what you actually do want. I found, as I added more details to the board, typed out my notes and selected the pictures which represent a feeling of what I want to move towards, the things I want for my future became clearer and clearer, If, like me, you believe that the universe is a conscious entity which responds to your energetic signals, then surely it’s far better to send out a crystal clear signal than a garbled, confused one purely because you’re more likely to get an affirmative answer (^_-)

If you’re more of a hands on, cut pictures out of magazines, glue and scissors kind of person there are some wonderful vision board workshops out there which you can attend! I know that Sara of *the space in between* runs vision board workshops throughout the year here in Melbourne.

Love & light

Anna x


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