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Paradigm Shift

I recently completed my training in Usui Reiki level 1 with a lovely group of fellow students, taught by our wonderful Reiki sensei (teacher/master) Sara of *the space in between*. It was an experience that not only taught me some exceedingly valuable ways to look after myself using reiki, but also outlined a way of living, perceiving (ourselves and others), experiencing life that really resonated with me and if practised by the majority, would, I believe, outline a true paradigm shift in the way we as human beings relate to and exist in the universe.


I know, for myself, that it’s far too easy to externalise issues, project them onto others and sit in that sometimes comfy, but ultimately fruitless, position of *victim*.

Just the other day, I found myself berating my poor other half for not being interested in what I was trying to talk about. The topic in question, for me, felt desperately important (particularly given what’s been happening for me recently in terms of letting go) and I experienced what I perceived to be his lack of attention (the poor chap was indeed listening) as a flagrant disregard for me as a human being and I felt unseen and unheard which enraged me.

Clearly these things tapped into something within that I need to work on, but at the moment the scene was unfolding it was far easier to externalise these issues and project them onto my poor husband.

Of course eventually, since I am writing about it here on this blog, I realised that my husband had done nothing wrong and in fact it is I who needs to remove a blockage within myself in order to resolve and release that sense of being disregarded.

The training really highlighted to me that we all want to think of ourselves as being right, no one likes to feel they’ve got it wrong and it is indeed hard to admit the issue is your own, but therein lies your power to take back control of your life. It’s only by claiming the issues as your own that you then reclaim the power to do something about them because you CAN change yourself but you CAN’T change someone else (^_^)

For me, the knowledge that I can resolve any issues in my life by reclaiming them as my own is HUGELY empowering. People sometimes ask me, “how have you become so happy?” and I think the key to my happiness lies partly within this shift in perspective, because now any issues that arise are no longer things to fret or feel pained about, but rather opportunities to explore, resolve and then release blockages within myself (and I can use self healing reiki for this of course…BONUS!).

Anyway enough of my ponderings for today, wishing a great weekend to all! \(^O^)/ and I’ll leave you with this little message from the clever dudes over at Collective Evolution….Anna x




    • Hey gorgeous 🙂 I think we all are so don’t beat yourself up about it. There’s definitely times you need a pity party and i reckon thats fine as long as you then move on and get to the bottom of it 🙂

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