Month: May 2014

Nice Vs Kind what’s the difference?

The other day my gorgeous little nephew, Magoo (he’s under 2 years of age), said to his mum “Anna is kind“, bless his beautiful soul. Of course I was blown away, not only by the fact that he is stringing pretty complex sentences together at his tender age, but also at the fact that he seemed to honestly feel this way. Now, I’m pretty sure I haven’t always been *kind* and I’m pretty sure I’m not always kind now and definitely, in the past, more often than not I’ve been *nice* which is a TOTALLY different kettle of fish. Advertisements

Do Mondays have to be Manic?

I give away my age with this, but I can sing that 1980’s song by the Bangles *Manic Monday* verbatim, not least because it sums up the essence of my early teenage Sunday nights and Monday mornings. The talk of it being “just another Manic Monday….I wish it were Sunday” pretty much mirrors precisely how I, and I’m sure many other kids my age (and adults off to work I would imagine), felt at the prospect of heading off to do something that didn’t engage them heart and soul. Now, I’m sure this isn’t the case for EVERYONE but for me that song hit the nail on the head. Even now, I can tap into that sense of impending inevitability, which I’d start to feel from around Sunday evening…a sense of being on a conveyor belt I couldn’t step off towards something I wasn’t necessarily that interested in but had to get through. It’s not that I hated school all that much, I had some really great friends and it wasn’t THAT awful, albeit dry in …

The Power of Music

The other day, Big Dutch and I treated ourselves to a belated wedding anniversary treat and went to see the 2Cellos live at the Forum in Melbourne. If you haven’t heard of them before it’s definitely worth checking them out….two lads from Croatia playing the cello in ways cellos haven’t really been played before…it blew our minds!!! Such a magnificent musical experience which I recommend to ANYONE who has the opportunity to go see them live….totally unique experience! The guys had the entire audience standing up and jumping and singing in unison, interspersed with tummy aching laughter (because one of the lads, Stjepan Hauser who looks a bit like Joey from *Friends*, is also a bit of an amusing character).


Someone once asked me, “how have you become so happy?“, I couldn’t immediately offer up an answer, but I did sit and think about it. Obviously, most people aren’t happy ALL of the time (including myself) but, personally, I believe that happiness is a choice. You might think “oh come on, how can you be happy if something awful has happened!” but every situation you face in life is a choice…not a choice whether it occurs or not but a choice whether to define yourself on the basis of that situation or whether to see it for what it is, acknowledge how it made you feel and then unravel any mistaken beliefs about yourself, life or other people you brought out of that situation and, once free from those mistaken beliefs, choose to be happy.

Are you twins?

This is a question we are often asked when we are out and about together and we’ll tell you a secret….WE ARE!….in a soul sense anyway if not biologically (^_^) Anna: I remember when LJ was born, I was four years old and I had a sense of “finally you’re here, I’ve been waiting so long…what a relief.” I felt as though my other half had arrived and I experienced no jealousy towards *the new baby* just a pure and full sense of love and completeness that she was here. Over the years, we’ve attributed our closeness to the idea that ALL siblings share a close bond (and indeed many do) but the difference in quality has become palpable over the years and particularly during our eight years of living on separate continents. When we are together it’s a feeling of completeness that we can’t quite explain (this is not to say we don’t love spending time with our partners!) it’s that feeling of it not mattering what we *do* together but that we are just content doing it together no matter how mundane it might …