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Are you twins?

This is a question we are often asked when we are out and about together and we’ll tell you a secret….WE ARE!….in a soul sense anyway if not biologically (^_^)

Anna: I remember when LJ was born, I was four years old and I had a sense of “finally you’re here, I’ve been waiting so long…what a relief.” I felt as though my other half had arrived and I experienced no jealousy towards *the new baby* just a pure and full sense of love and completeness that she was here.

Over the years, we’ve attributed our closeness to the idea that ALL siblings share a close bond (and indeed many do) but the difference in quality has become palpable over the years and particularly during our eight years of living on separate continents.

When we are together it’s a feeling of completeness that we can’t quite explain (this is not to say we don’t love spending time with our partners!) it’s that feeling of it not mattering what we *do* together but that we are just content doing it together no matter how mundane it might be, it’s that feeling that we can’t hide our true selves from the other because the other just *knows* and won’t allow the other to hide. When we are apart we sense one another over vast distances and *know* when the other is not ok and there is a sense of something deep in the soul missing to be apart.

So, finally, after eight years apart and now one and a bit years back together again over here in Melbourne, we can fully admit what we have known in our souls for a long while, that we are twin flames come from the same light sharing the same unique frequency. We hesitated in giving words to our feelings because perhaps it’s less usual for twin flames to be siblings? but it has been such a relief to finally acknowledge this and humbling to know we have been given such a great gift for which we are endlessly grateful.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s not ALL sweetness and light! Your twin flame is someone who will trigger, push and drive you to be your true and therefore best self. This process can be painful and irritating and damn right awful at times. It’s like having all the things you need to work on as a person thrust into your face with no where to hide lol. At times, we have felt like we’ve been on hyper-drive accelerated personal growth spaceships since we have come back together!

This description encapsulates the experience of living with your twin flame:

“Being with your twin flame is not only like holding your sacred self, it is also confronting every shadow, every part of yourself, so there is nowhere to hide. If there are issues, or debris to be cleared, then it will be front and centre, it will be immediate. And if something should arise in the interim, it will not hide away in the darkness of a corner, because your twin flame is your mirror.

When you have worked through – personality, ego issues, emotional debris – then it will be the most magnificent bonding that you can ever have, in or out of human form. Because that is your other. But don’t assume that you embrace each other and that it is infinite bliss. It is infinite bliss, but only when you have let go of all the illusions of who you might be, when you have fully embraced the full truth of yourself.” from goldenageofgaia

It’s a journey we are still very much in the middle of, but we can both see that we are on a journey back to the light and we love and respect one another enough to talk (and sometimes shout) through the issues that arise so that we can gradually strip back all the unnecessary layers to get back to our truth (^_^)

Anna & LJ xx


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