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The Power of Music

The other day, Big Dutch and I treated ourselves to a belated wedding anniversary treat and went to see the 2Cellos live at the Forum in Melbourne. If you haven’t heard of them before it’s definitely worth checking them out….two lads from Croatia playing the cello in ways cellos haven’t really been played before…it blew our minds!!!


Such a magnificent musical experience which I recommend to ANYONE who has the opportunity to go see them live….totally unique experience! The guys had the entire audience standing up and jumping and singing in unison, interspersed with tummy aching laughter (because one of the lads, Stjepan Hauser who looks a bit like Joey from *Friends*, is also a bit of an amusing character).

I booked the tickets on the spur of the moment having stumbled across a video of them on YouTube. The moment I clicked play I felt a soaring sense of elation and happiness and knew I HAD to see them live. I’m not really a concert-going type in general so it’s rare for me to get so excited about live music, but there was just something about their sound.

I jumped on google and did a quick search to see if they were perchance playing my neck of the woods any time soon and, as luck would have it, they were coming to Melbourne for one night only this month and I managed to book two tickets relatively easily (very lucky considering the night was sold out)! It was highly serendipitous, funny how things like that happen.

I think music has the power to move you in ways that nothing else can. When I first discovered them, I listened to them play covers of U2, Sting, Coldplay and MJ songs and felt moved to tears and spent the next hour YouTube surfing their stuff.

The live performance itself was out of this world, accompanied by a soaring sense of unity with the rest of the audience and the performers…. such is the great uniting power of music. I suspect that this is why so many people love to go to festivals and concerts because this feeling of oneness feels so beautiful and, at the risk of sounding all hippy, *right*.


Over the weekend, I bumped into a  lovely lady, Mary Henderson of Mysticpreneur, at our local farmer’s market who mentioned the 528 frequency…I love it when we bump into like-minded souls in random places (>O<)

The 528 frequency is from the ancient Solfeggio Scale which equates certain sound frequencies to specific beneficial physical, energetic and spiritual effects:

UT – 396 Hz: turning grief into joy, liberating guilt & fear
RE – 417 Hz: undoing situations and facilitating change
MI – 528 Hz: transformation and DNA repair
FA – 639 Hz: re-connecting and balancing, relationships
SOL – 741 Hz: solving problems, expressions/solutions
LA – 852 Hz: awakening intuition, returning to spiritual order

The work of Dr Len Horowitz, who put forward the hypothesis that the 528 Hertz frequency of sound is the energy of *pure tone Love* e.g. the creation frequency, is based on this Solfeggio Scale and suggests that listening to music in this frequency brings about feelings of well being and helps with DNA repair. Supposedly, John Lennon’s *imagine* is in 528 frequency!

Anyway, I have been putting this to the test by listening to a 528 frequency recording at night to which I fall asleep. I am also listening to during the day and I have noticed that, on waking, I feel more alert and vibrant and, throughout the day, I feel energetically light and definitely upbeat. All of which is quite significant for me because energy levels is something I have struggled with in the past (^_^)

Read more about 528 frequency below:

Anna x


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