Month: June 2014

Trusting your intuition

The other day, I was sorting through the vast photographic and phone-video collection I’ve amassed over the last 22 months of *Magoo* (my nephew ). I’m certainly no photographer and not even a particularly accomplished amateur, but I do love how the right photo can bring back a tsunami of memories of a precious moment, event or day. Pouring over my collection, I sat for hours marvelling at how much joy and happiness this little soul brings to my life day after day and how much amazing time I get to spend with him, my sister and brother in law, when I had a flash of what my (our) life would be like if we hadn’t emigrated to Melbourne to be part of his life. I saw a flash of a life not filled with *auntie annaaaaaaa…* (said in the cutest, sweetest voice as if he relishes every *a* in my name), a life poorer for not re-discovering everything for the first time again through the eyes of a small child, a life bereft of playground fun, lego …

Farmers Market Magic

Sometimes an event becomes so much a part of one’s weekly routine that it’s easy to forget how blessed one is…such is the case with our weekly visits to our local farmer’s market! As a family, we’re fans of growing our own and buying local to support our local/regional economy and you can’t really get too much more local than the farmer’s market, where all the produce has come from either this state (Victoria) or the one next door (NSW). Going to this wonderful gem of a place is definitely a highlight of all our weeks; a place for talking to the people who grow and produce our food, catching up with friends, chillaxing and hanging out with family and for noshing on and buying some of the most fantastic produce Victoria & NSW has to offer (^_^) What more could one ask for!!

Reiki Love

I wanted to share this wonderful blog post *10 reasons why you should learn reiki* by my awesome Reiki Master, Sara Brooke, over on her website I’ve shared some of my own experiences of reiki training before in a previous blog post. Since that post I have completed my Reiki 2 practitioner level training and can honestly say it’s one of the best things I have ever done for myself! Anyone can learn reiki because the only pre-requisite is to be a human being (^_^) Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just for folk who want to become practitioners but for anyone who wants to reconnect with their true selves! Anna x

The Calm in the Storm

Sometimes, life in the 21st Century can be mightily chaotic, sweeping one up in a whirlwind of things that need to be done, places to go, people to see (I call this the *to do tornado*) and it’s not terribly feasible (for many) to avoid this raging storm because, unfortunately, it’s just everyday life in our current society. From time to time I’m sure many weigh up the prospect of *escape* as a tempting idea, but personally, I don’t think it’s the answer as one doesn’t want to live life on the run….so what can one do? My personal belief is that in every chaotic moment there is a place of calm “the eye of the storm”, so to speak, where all is quiet and peaceful despite the perceived storm raging around. One’s logic mind says *there’s no way you’re going to find calm in all this mess* and seemingly provides ample evidence of one’s emotions being so firmly triggered by the storm that the impossibility of it seems concrete, but in reality it’s really quite simple….breathing!


Whilst the ability to *fit in* with one’s, peer group, community, social environment might be considered a strength, I feel it’s a double-edged sword when *fitting in* tips over in to *not being your true self* most of the time! I’ve been a master of camouflage for most of my life, playing the good student at school, playing the good daughter at home, playing the role of corporate stooge at work. After days, months, years spent blending in with my peers, pretending that *pulling all nighters* was thrilling,  staying late at work for the sake of it, dealing with client’s with corporate philosophies I fundamentally disagree with and generally doing everything I found soul-destroyingly depressing , I can attest to the fact that being in camouflage takes it out of you: energetically, emotionally and physically. For me, this business of *being someone else* became so unbearably inauthentic and a crime against myself (more than anything or anyone else) that I had to walk away (or hobble as the case may be).