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Intuitive Flower Essences

Today, I had the very great pleasure of taking part in a beautiful Intuitive Flower Essence work shop run by the gorgeous Melinda of MK Wellbeing (along with some other beautiful souls…you know who you are!) where we got to make our own special flower essences!

I’m such a HUGE fan of the gentle supportive energy of flower essences and start each day by standing in front of a selection of Melinda’s flower essence mists, which I keep in my reiki room, and intuitively selecting the one which will best support me that day….it’s a beautiful way to start the day with an intuitive *checking-in* with myself!

I’ve always felt a strong connection with certain flowers, specifically the *cherry blossom* partly because it’s a nod to my half-Japanese heritage and because their fragile beauty and fleeting nature, juxtaposed with the impact they make, reminds me that even the small, gentle touches and marks one leaves on the world are unique to that person and make an impact and a difference. In fact, I was recently guided to ask Melinda to make a special cherry blossom essence for me and have been taking 7 drops of this daily. I’ve found that it has REALLY helped me blossom in to my soul purpose which is a really great feeling and just affirms for me that I never go far wrong if I just trust and follow the intuitive guidance I receive from the Universe.


photograph by MK Wellbeing

As part of the workshop, Melinda took us through a beautiful, grounding, guided mediation after which we selected flower cards from a pack. I decided that I would *blind* select my flowers so I made sure not to look at the pictures but instead let my intuition guide me and, as if by magic, the first flower card I picked was *cherry blossom*….what are the chances!! (^_^) It made me inwardly chuckle with knowingness that I’m on the right track. The second card I picked was a beautiful yellow flower that has petals that make a sort of *kidney* shape which gently supports one by helping let go of fear around blossoming…suffice to say I feel like I couldn’t have picked a more appropriate combo for my present life circumstances!

I really can’t emphasise enough how beautiful and gentle yet powerful these intuitive flower essences are and they’re totally natural. Melinda said,

They build a bridge between the soul and your personality or thoughts….they help bring us back into balance and recharge our positive emotional energy, restoring the body’s energy systems.

I couldn’t agree more and they perfectly compliment other types of energetic healing work, such as reiki, which is perfect for me \(^0^)/ Personally, I don’t think I would now want to go day to day without the support of flower essences in my life!

I’ll leave you with this gorgeous quote that Melinda shared with us today which really illustrates the wisdom we can take away from flowers and nature in general:

The secret of the flower is that it knows how to flow gracefully with the seasons of its destiny. Equally, the secret of a flower is that it is totally what it is at each stage of its development and doesn’t try to imitate other flowers, animals or humans. It simply is what it is. It has an internal knowing, a clockwork, a rhythm, with a built in sequence of necessary experiences, which guide it to its full potential. Each flower is different.” Khaleghl Quinn

You can read an AWESOME interview with Melinda by Sara of The Space in Between HERE!

Big Love

Anna xx


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