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Soul Recognition

It was a warm Sunday morning when I arrived at my Reiki 1 training, I stepped into the hall feeling that excited-nervous buzz when one is about to embrace something new and unknown. Our gorgeous reiki master, Sara, got us to introduce ourselves and I listened with interest as each story unfolded and we learnt why we had each decided to embark upon this reiki journey.

Just as I was settling down to listen to the next person introduce herself, I had a moment of “I know you!”…the sense of familiarity was uncanny and I racked my brains as to where I might have met her before, but to no avail. I just couldn’t place her no matter HOW hard I tried because, in truth, I had never met her before, well not in this life time at least!


Immediately, my logic-mind pushed me to put it down to some sort of strange deja-vu occurrence, but my intuition was strongly telling me otherwise and when she also seemed to recognise and gravitate towards me, I knew there was just *something* in this meeting.

It’s very hard to put into words what knowing and understanding a complete stranger on an energetic level feels like and the nearest I can get is that feeling when you haven’t seen a friend for a long time but you just pick up where you left off as if you hadn’t been apart at all. Thus unfolded my first experience of instantaneous soul recognition and we have, of course, become very firm friends and discovered that we used to be brothers!

As someone who subscribes to the idea of reincarnation (it just makes sense to me…don’t ask me why!), it’s a really weird but awe-inspiring feeling to know that those we share love with leave an indelible mark on our souls which transcend lifetimes and cannot be erased by the mechanics of reincarnation. Moreover the idea that one can recognise those souls in their new forms…perhaps it’s their aura, or a mannerism or something in their eyes…makes my heart brim to overflowing with gratitude!

Speaking of soul-work, I recently ordered myself the most insightful and helpful soul report called *Your Divine Soul Plan* which totally and utterly *nailed* me….my character traits, flaws, struggles, challenges…the lot!

It can make for a confronting read if you’re not ready to look at your *stuff* and face your truth, but if you are looking for guidance on your soul purpose and to work on your shadow aspects, then I cannot recommend this report highly enough! I’ve recommended to friends and family and every single person has said the same thing…that it totally nailed them to a *T* and that it has been hugely useful for their self-development. Here’s what it is:

Your Divine Soul Plan is a 25-35 page report that reveals exactly why your soul has incarnated on Earth. Decoded from your full birth name, your date of birth and your country of birth by Glen Russell who is a spiritual channel and messenger for God, Your Divine Soul Plan reveals:

1.  Your past-life fears you have chosen to face and overcome in this lifetime
2.  Your past-life psychological imbalances you have chosen to balance in this lifetime
3.  The God-trait you are most out of alignment with that you have chosen to re-align with in this lifetime
4.  The role you have chosen to take on and fulfil in this lifetime
5.  The action at the physical level you most need to accomplish in this lifetime
6.  The quality you most need to embody in this lifetime to progress on the spiritual path
7.  The dominant past-life mental imbalance you have chosen to balance in this lifetime
8.  The dominant past-life emotional imbalance you have chosen to balance in this lifetime
9.  Your karmic debt you have chosen to repay in this lifetime
10.  Your unique personality traits you have developed over past-lives and taken on to help you grow

Sending light and love to all.

Anna x



  1. Chloe says

    I had the 40 page divine soul plan delivered to me also, and now I would like to share that wonderful information with friends and family but I can not seem to find the we page anymore, it keeps redirecting me to a self study course by Jesus Christ! Not what I am after at all…help?

    • Hi I found out through a friend that Glen Russell has been called to do higher work and is therefore not doing the soul plans any more which is a real shame. I guess we are the lucky ones who got ours done! Hope this helps. Anna

      • Chloe Rooney says

        Thank you so much for your reply Anna, we are lucky! Much love, Chloe x

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