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An intuitive journey

Gosh I can’t believe this is my first blog post of 2015, it feels like I haven’t visited this space for a while but I have a very smile-inducing excuse…we (the whole family) have all been rather engrossed in the beautiful new addition to our family in the shape of our shiny new little nephew \(^0^)/ Congratulations to my gorgeous sister and her hubby and my other little nephew who is now a big brother!

Anyway back on topic, now that I’m back here this also means that it’s been an entire year since I re-discovered my love of painting and embarked upon my intuitive journey through a series of paintings focussed around balancing my own chakra energy system. I found the process of letting go of control really really hard at first, but I gradually found myself feeling more and more ok about NOT knowing and planning what the final painting would look like. This process was the key I found to really give myself permission to be free to really venture inward.


It feels SO good to tune in to that beautiful well spring of eternal inspiration that is source and let that flow out onto the canvas. I sometimes want to slap myself for forgetting how good it feels and leaving long periods of time between diving back in to it because mundane everyday life stuff consumes me. Of course, I don’t love every single one of the finished pieces and like some much more than others, but over all I’m quietly pleased with what has emerged and I think the whole process has been akin to a year long meditation on part of myself (indulgent as that sounds).

I’m quite fascinated by the different energy that flows off each canvas because, for me personally, they carry such hugely different energies. For example, Base Chakra is very visceral and speaks to me of the very basic instinct for survival. Sometimes I find it strange when I look at them and think I channelled these from some place deep within myself and yet I know so little about this place but yet here are these snapshots before my eyes…does that sound weird?

I’m currently in the process of having the whole series professionally photographed by the amazing Thomas Brooke Photography so that I can have really high quality prints of them….so excited (>0<) ❤

After the VERY tricky mercury retrograde (just finished thank the universe!), which brought many old, dormant, uncomfortable feelings to the surface from what feels like a life time ago, (thank you mercury retrograde), I found myself instinctively reaching out for my gemstones again. Mixing the colours to create a palette that puts a smile on my face, soothes and relaxes me, has become my *go to* therapy of late.

I’ve also been trying to curb my comfort eating so my gems have really stepped up for me (^_^) *gratitude*. I’m so grateful that I have these creative therapies to support and sustain me through these moments when I feel less than robust and am seemingly questioning everything about everything. It provides a little oasis of tranquillity where I can stop long enough to catch my emotional breath and get back to the business of being a human here on earth (something which I find tricky all too often).

Ultimately, I think all of these things appeal because they are the easiest and least resistant way for me to step in to the flow, a way to quiet my ever-chattering logic mind with relative ease….a way to bask in the beautiful, cool waters of my intuitive self without having to wrestle my logic mind in to submission, as can sometimes be the case with actual meditation when my mind is off on one lol A way to remind myself that part of me is forever part of the great ONE ness of source, the universe, love…whatever you want to call it and that reminder is enough to help me carry on carrying on (^_^)

I’m always interested to know what creative outlets you guys turn to?

Big love

Anna xx


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