Month: May 2015

Sacred Scents

I’m sure we all experience those days when we feel in an energetic funk and our personal space doesn’t quite feel right. I find, particularly as we head towards winter with shorter days and longer nights, there’s less sunshine to put a jaunty spring in my step, so I find it helpful to have some tools I can turn to day-to-day that support my energetic space. One of the tools I use to revitalise and cleanse my space is scent. I’m a big fan of incense, natural flower essence sprays/mists & oils, aromatic candles and blended dried herbs (jasmine, lavender, sage, rosemary, basil, cinnamon, cloves, aniseed, rue) and aromatic woods (cedar, palo santo). Here are some beautiful creative and handmade scent-related products which I think are utterly stunning: left to right: Page Thirty Three: Compact Oil Burner, Poarttery: Handmade Lotus Incense Holder, Jamie Gaunt: Oil burner made from reclaimed wood Advertisements