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Creative re-purposing of old wooden pallets

One thing that makes me happy is to find clever uses for items that would otherwise end up in landfill. So, for the last six months I’ve been on the look out for old pallets whenever I’ve been out and about and have ended up rescuing quite a few from skips and hard rubbish.

Project 1: Seating for the front porch.

We cut one of the pallets in two: four boards deep for the seat section and three boards deep for the back support. We used some off cuts of wood from other projects to add diagonal strengthening supports connecting the back to the seat and sturdy legs to create a bench for two.

Simple, practically free (apart from the screws) outdoor furniture! I’m planning on getting some foam covered in hessian to make it more comfortable but the structure is simple! Of course you could paint it to make it look less pallet-like but I kinda like the raw look (^_^)

Project 2: Vertical pallet garden with a twist

Another awesomely simple re-use for pallets is a vertical pallet gardens for growing herbs and other greens. As keen veggie gardeners we love this idea and decided to take the basic concept a step further by making a pallet fence/balustrade for our front porch which could then be planted up and would provide a bit of screen privacy when sitting out front.

In order to fit the width of the porch opening, we cut one pallet in half horizontally and one pallet in half vertically (one and a half pallets used in total) and then attached the three separate sections to long supporting beams at the bottom and the top which then sat on two supporting legs (creating a self supporting structure separate from our porch beams).

We chose to cut the pallets to create three vertical planting compartments in height as we still wanted to be able to see our front garden over the top when we sit on our front bench, but these could easily be made much taller.

Next, we measured and cut pieces of wood to form the base of each planting compartment and attached these with screws. We painted the whole structure with white non-toxic wood paint to dress up the pallets as the white makes a crisp back drop for the lush green of the plants.

We then lined each compartment with a waterproof membrane, added a small layer of gravel for drainage and added some weed barrier before adding potting mix. Thus far, I’ve only had time to plant the top tier with herbs, but the other two tiers will be dedicated to beneficial-bug-attracting flowers which will cascade over the side and will not only look pretty but will help all our other veggies grow (^_^)

I’ll add an update when I’ve finished the planting! Love to hear about other people’s creative re-purposing of pallets!!

Anna x


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