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Sacred Scents

I’m sure we all experience those days when we feel in an energetic funk and our personal space doesn’t quite feel right. I find, particularly as we head towards winter with shorter days and longer nights, there’s less sunshine to put a jaunty spring in my step, so I find it helpful to have some tools I can turn to day-to-day that support my energetic space.

One of the tools I use to revitalise and cleanse my space is scent. I’m a big fan of incense, natural flower essence sprays/mists & oils, aromatic candles and blended dried herbs (jasmine, lavender, sage, rosemary, basil, cinnamon, cloves, aniseed, rue) and aromatic woods (cedar, palo santo).

Here are some beautiful creative and handmade scent-related products which I think are utterly stunning:

left to right: Page Thirty Three: Compact Oil BurnerPoarttery: Handmade Lotus Incense HolderJamie Gaunt: Oil burner made from reclaimed wood

Of course, using scent to create an atmosphere or cleanse a space is nothing new, most people have probably heard of smudging with white sage for example. The burning of aromatic herbs and woods is one of humanity’s oldest customs and has been used throughout the world to facilitate meditation, spiritual practice and purification since time immemorial.

Scent stimulates the olfactory nerves which bring about changes in our thinking processes and emotional responses.”

Smell, speaks directly to our sub-conscious minds, which means we don’t have to consciously think about a scent creating a desired effect for it to actually be effective. Essentially this means that, depending on what scents you use, you can change the atmosphere of your home, calm your frazzled nerves and create whatever mood you desire without having to think about it…Awesome huh!

Here are a few of my, personal, favourites:

left to right:

Resonant Aromatics 100% natural blended incense: Clearing Space

Clears old energies to make space for new possibilities. Brings new light into stagnant spaces and cleanses the heart and mind.

MK Wellbeing Handmade Intuitive Flower Essence Mists: Sacred Clearing

“Harmonises space and restores balance. Use to help with unpleasant spaces, places and stagnant energy.”

Sacred Self: Self Love – signature oil (a few drops in an oil burner or in a bath is bliss)

“Dissolves layers of emotion and creates space to allow more energy to flow into the heart.”

Shoyeido Japanese Incense: Kyoto Cherry Blossom & Autumn Leaves – I love these because they speak to me of Japan and I met my intended in Kyoto (^_-)

“Shoyeido incense is considered the highest quality, most natural incense available on Earth with recipes passed on for twelve generations.”

Happy clearing!

Anna xx




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