Month: June 2015

Riding the wave

Sometimes parenting can feel like trying to ride a wild bull….just hanging on for dear life! Recently, in particular, I’ve been feeling that life has been throwing me a few curve balls and at times I’ve felt like my head has only just been above the water. When I stop to think about it, the reason why I’ve felt like I’ve been drowning is because I’ve been fighting it rather than just allowing myself to ride the wave. What I mean by *riding the wave* is allowing myself to go along with the direction of the flow, because eventually it will take me back to shore. It reminds me of something one of my favourite uni lecturers said (paraphrasing somewhat): When we look at the ocean, we all accept that at times it will be turbulent with large waves and at other times calm and still, but always deep and mysterious and yet, we often put pressure on ourselves (as complex as we human beings are) to be calm and still all the time and lament when we fall …

You are supported always

To say I get nervous when I have to go for any sort of new health-related appointment is an understatement. So, when I finally plucked up the courage to make an appointment to see a new practitioner I was recommended, I was full of chaotic feelings of fear running amuck. As I made my way to the appointment, several interesting things happened: 1. I could feel myself getting a bit anxious as I walked up the stairs of the building to get to the  consultation rooms when my mobile phone’s virus protection suddenly flashed up on the screen with the message “shields are up”. This isn’t something that my phone has ever done before so I decided it was a message from my *team* (guides, angels, energies that look out for me or whatever you like to call them) that they have my back completely and felt a massive sense of comfort wash over me. 2. By the time I arrived at the waiting room I felt pretty relaxed and something caught my eye sitting on …

The comfort zone: stepping out!

A few months ago I got that special *tap tap* on the shoulder from the universe that, for me, signifies that a message is imminent and  I need to pay attention. Sure enough, the message came through loud and clear one night, that I should consider embarking upon my year long Reiki mastership journey ASAP, having completed my Level 3a in late 2014.