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The comfort zone: stepping out!

A few months ago I got that special *tap tap* on the shoulder from the universe that, for me, signifies that a message is imminent and  I need to pay attention. Sure enough, the message came through loud and clear one night, that I should consider embarking upon my year long Reiki mastership journey ASAP, having completed my Level 3a in late 2014.

For a good few months, I ignored that message pushing it away to the corners of my consciousness over and over because, in all honesty, I felt terrified by the prospect. Why? because I knew that stepping foot on that path would involve an irreversible shift out of my comfort zone, because the mastership journey is an experiential one and therefore not something I can *think* my way through. I knew I’d have to experience and feel every shift and sit with every aspect of myself I dislike…wade knee deep into the discomfort and look my fears in the face. I sensed it would finally be the dismantling of the carefully honed illusion of control I’d convinced myself I have over my life and that unleashed massive amounts of fear.

Fear is a funny thing…ostensibly it’s there to warn us of danger and manoeuvre us out of harms way, but sometimes fear is the tool that the mind uses to keep us in the comfort zone and that zone, whilst indeed comfortable, isn’t where all the treasure lies. So about a month ago I asked my Reiki master if she felt I was ready for the mastership journey and yesterday I took my first tentative step onto the mastership path!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still metaphorically crapping myself but my new mantra is:

“Fear won’t kill me!”

I’m 100% sure that there will be days over the next year that I wish I had never started this journey, but I also know that by the end of it I will have a much better mastery of myself and I truly believe that this is the GREATEST gift I can give myself and those I love, because to know and accept yourself with love and kindness allows one to fully embody love.

Wish me luck!!

Anna x



  1. Siobhian says

    That’s amazing Anna. And very brave. This was meant for you, and you for it. Xx

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