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You are supported always

To say I get nervous when I have to go for any sort of new health-related appointment is an understatement. So, when I finally plucked up the courage to make an appointment to see a new practitioner I was recommended, I was full of chaotic feelings of fear running amuck. As I made my way to the appointment, several interesting things happened:


1. I could feel myself getting a bit anxious as I walked up the stairs of the building to get to the  consultation rooms when my mobile phone’s virus protection suddenly flashed up on the screen with the message “shields are up”. This isn’t something that my phone has ever done before so I decided it was a message from my *team* (guides, angels, energies that look out for me or whatever you like to call them) that they have my back completely and felt a massive sense of comfort wash over me.

2. By the time I arrived at the waiting room I felt pretty relaxed and something caught my eye sitting on a shelf with the obligatory magazines. It was a set of beautifully illustrated oracle cards so I picked them up, they weren’t ones I’d seen before but I decided to have a play. I pulled a card, it said:

“Go with the flow, allow others to help you”.

A particularly pertinent message for me because I find it notoriously hard to accept help from others. I felt a deep sense that everything would be fine and that this practitioner I was about to meet would be wonderful.


3. As I sat opposite the practitioner I was jaw-droppingly shocked that she looked EXACTLY like one of my best friend’s from back in the UK (albeit a bit older). It was as if the Universe knew I needed reassurance to walk down this path and it gave me exactly what I needed.

I’m sure it’s no coincidence that this has happened since starting my reiki mastership, as my master did say to me “during this journey you will feel very supported by the universe at every step” (paraphrasing slightly but that’s the gist). This experience has turned the knowingness that I am supported into a very tangible experience.

I think this is something that I’ve forgotten all too often in my life, that I am supported and held in love in every moment, no matter what I may be going through. I definitely needed the reminder….THANK YOU!

Big love

Anna xx



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