Month: July 2015

Do you have to get sick before you Slow Down?

Gosh what a crazy few weeks we’ve had with myself managing to accidentally stab my wrist on the broken edge of a ceramic oil bottle (needing stitches) and all of us down with gastro and flu, it’s been challenging! When I accidentally stabbed my wrist, I felt straight away that it was because I hadn’t been listening to my body. I was not present and absent-mindedly wiping down the tiles of the kitchen splash-back when I brought my wrist down on the sharp edge of the bottle. My mind was elsewhere, worrying, anxious and dreading an appointment I had the next day. I was concerning myself with the logistics of how I’d get there on time and how I didn’t really want to go. If I’m honest I should have cancelled that appointment and rearranged it in a way that felt right for me. Advertisements