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Tree Change

What a whirlwind this past month has been. What were distant dreams of moving to the country as an extended family, having acreage to grow our food and live the permaculture way, are fast becoming reality in the shape of 10 acres in the country. So, a tree change is in our very near future and the start of a big new adventure.

Right now, we are all immersed in the merry go round of open houses and private inspections as we go about selling our homes, but we’re snatching the odd moment here and there to excitedly make plans for what will collectively be our new home by Christmas this year!


It will be an adventure of firsts for all of us: living together (2 families) for the first time (we spend all our time together already anyway), growing food on a large scale for the first time, introducing farm animal companions into our furry family for the first time and taking on a full scale renovation for the first time to name but a few. No doubt some of these firsts will be a lot tougher than we imagine, but boy are we full of gratitude that we have the opportunity to do this!


Anna & LJ








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