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Thank you 34, Hello 35!

On the eve before what is my 35th birthday, I decided to take a moment to re-read my birthday blog post from last year and was struck by just how much change can happen in a single turn around the sun! This year has been another year of change on all levels, spiritually, emotionally and physically. In fact, last year was a year of transformation for me.

The start of last year began with the birth of my second boy Rhys. The birth was challenging and at two days old we nearly lost him. He made an amazing recovery and is now a robust and happy 14 month old, but I definitely learnt a massive lesson about myself and life. I learnt that life is precious and short and there’s not a moment to waste living a life that doesn’t resonate with you. The saying “You only live once, make it magic” sums it up for me. The birth also helped me to rediscover my own inner strength and I saw myself in a different light.

So, I began Age 34 last year feeling grateful, brave and hopeful. With the support of Anna and a wonderful quantum healer in the UK I was able to develop my spiritual abilities discovering that I can tune in to people’s bodies and “see” physical issues/blockages and zoom in to specific areas. The process of discovering these gifts was awkward at times and I yearned for someone to tell me how it *should* be done, but I soon realised that I needed to work it out for myself. I think that’s one of my many life lessons, to know that I have the answers inside me and getting someone else to tell me how they do things doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the answer for me. It was a lesson in trust in myself.

It was also the year that after much searching for a country property with two houses on it, Anna found one out of the blue. It was a whirlwind time buying a house and selling our two respective houses and moving with little ones in tow, but sooooo worth it. It was an opportunity that we knew we just HAD to seize…an opportunity of a lifetime!

We really love our tree change as we are now in the process of manifesting our collective dream of living near each other and developing the property in to a  permaculture paradise. Anna and I have more opportunity to work on Love is Your Compass now that we are neighbours and we have some exciting offerings bubbling away (>0<)

So, thank you Age 34 for putting a spring back in my step, reminding me of what life is really about; LOVE!!!

My sacred word for this year is *shine* and I am excited about embracing our new life in the country and standing up and being seen!

Thank you so much for following our journey so far and for your support.

LJ xx



  1. Oh thank you, this is so inspiring! Lovely to read your story and realise that I too have been looking outside for someone to tell me how to do my spiritual work instead of following my heart and my dreams and figuring it out myself! Thank you ❤

    • Amazing isn’t it how we forget that we have the answers, we just need to tune in to it. Easier said than done I know. Anna and I were talking about this just today. I think when you’re grounded and connected to Mother Earth and connected in to spirit/source/universal energy you can then tune in to your heart space more easily and that’s where the real gems are. Things flow then. 💚

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