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The Reiki mastership journey

As you may already know, I am and have been immersed in my reiki mastership journey for the past 9 months (I say “my” because it is a deeply personal journey). It’s simultaneously the BEST and the toughest journey I’ve ever embarked upon.

Unsurprisingly, I’m often asked what reiki mastership involves, and the only way I am able to answer is this:

“It’s different for every person that walks the reiki path because each of us is so very unique, with our own custom blend of soul lessons to master and soul purposes to fulfill.

It’s a commitment to open your eyes, heart, soul (everything) fully to the holistic nature of life, and from that stand point start to *be* with yourself in your entirety (all parts of you) in the bright shining light of reiki that reveals the truth of yourself.

It’s less a journey of mastering and more a journey of remembering what you really are through presence, acceptance and the act of allowing/being rather than doing.”


There are some things though, that I feel are probably universal “ah ha’s” for all that walk this path. One is the deep understanding that reiki is a “way of life“, a “philosophy and practice that one embodies“, and believe it or not, the hands on healing element, for which reiki is so well known, is just one small element of this!

The second universal “ah ha” is that (particularly with Usui reiki lineage) one is not “taught” reiki, rather one is expertly guided to “experience” reiki through the lens of various different symbols. Each experience is unique and thus there are no set lesson plans as the journey is determined by the nature of the student. The qualitative difference of this type of learning is immense, because it’s the difference between explaining what water is to someone and having them stand in the rain or under a waterfall, nothing taught can ever en-capture or better the actual experience of the nature of water.

The third universal “ah ha” is that reiki always gives you what you *need*, and this may or may not correspond with what you think you *want*. In this sense, reiki can be somewhat akin to having a benevolent, ever-loving guardian watching over you that knows what is for your highest good, even though your mind may not think that at the time! To illustrate here’s one of my personal experiences.

“I’m a pretty impatient person (working on it) which means that often, despite knowing I need to slow down, I floor the accelerator pedal to get things DONE. A few months into my mastership journey, I had an accident in the home which forced me to stop, in fact I couldn’t use my left hand for about a month. At the time, I remember feeling really shocked that such a thing could and had happened to me and “angry at reiki” (this now makes me laugh but it was true at the time), but that accident forced me to do something I wouldn’t normally do and that was to SLOW DOWN.

One day, as I sat around feeling frustrated at my inability to do things (it’s amazing how many things one uses both hands for!), I figured I could still click a computer mouse with my right hand. So, I decided to sit at my computer and do some in-depth (reading everything properly and not skimming any listings) searching for what was, at the time, the holy grail of properties for our family: two equal-sized houses on some acreage (as rare as hen’s teeth) that we could transform into an off-grid permaculture paradise and most importantly allow us to all be together.

For some time prior, we had been looking and visiting various plots of land for sale without much luck so, with little expectation that my search would be fruitful, I clicked on the first link. As I scrolled through the photos and read the description, it dawned on me that the listing was for two relatively equal-sized houses under a single roof-line, on 10 acres, a stones throw outside of a decent-sized Victorian town, on the V-Line, just over an hour outside of Melbourne! = EXACTLY WHAT WE’D BEEN LOOKING FOR!!!”

Suffice to say, there is just NO WAY I would have taken the time to click on that property listing had I not been encumbered by my injury, I know I would have skipped past it because the photography wasn’t appealing.”

I’m happy to say that we now live on that property, Mayberry and we’re all over the moon! We are excited to be in the very early stages of developing it into a permaculture paradise under the guidance of Dan from VEG. I’m also happy to report that I am completely recovered from my injury with no lasting effects whatsoever!

For me, reiki has shown me where my life is out of balance and has nudged and sometimes forced me to look at these areas. I feel so very grateful and blessed for the opportunity.

Big love

Anna x










  1. AriesIntrovert says

    “Suffice to say, there is just NO WAY I would have taken the time to click on that property listing had I not been encumbered by my injury, I know I would have skipped past it because the photography wasn’t appealing.”

    We can be our own worst enemies. I love it when the universe steps in on our behalf to get us back on the path we are supposed to take!

    I am so excited for you on finding the perfect property!

    – Jacqueline

    • Hi Jacqueline, Thank you so much and I am so with you re loving it when the Universe steps in! Thank the Universe for consistently steering us towards our highest good, I always feel so grateful.

      Big love,

      Anna x

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