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Good Boundaries

Sitting here on the precipice of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries/Libra (23rd March 2016), I’m feeling a HUGE pull to pay particular attention to the importance of good boundaries. To me, this time feels all about finding that ever challenging balance between doing what’s right for oneself and respecting the needs of others, keeping one’s identity whilst maintaining relationships.

In honesty, I’m amused but not at all surprised that this issue should take centre stage right at the end of my reiki mastership (I have my final attunement this week!), as it’s been a HUGE theme throughout my journey:

  • Realising that falling into the martyr archetype of meeting the needs of others at the cost of my own doesn’t make me a *better* or *good* person, but rather, over-time, a resentful and depleted person.
  • Learning to say *no* without feeling guilty and not outsource my locus of validation to others but shift it in-house, so that my opinion is the one that really matters.
  • Allowing others to take responsibility for themselves and live how and do what they need to do without sticking my oar in to *fix* things.

The list goes on…….

One of the most important things, albeit seemingly the most simple and obvious thing, I’ve learnt over the past 9 months of mastership is that we are all ONLY responsible for our own feelings and not those of others.

This act of taking full responsibility for ourselves (our feelings) and allowing others to be fully responsible for themselves (their feelings) is actually the healthiest and most loving way to relate to others (even when those *others* don’t perceive it to be). I think the most effective healers really understand this and consequently have the BEST boundaries. This lunar eclipse is a reminder for me to keep working on all this!

Big love

Anna x





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