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The Birth of the Pathfinder Wolves

Firstly, I’m very excited to let you all know that I have completed my reiki mastership and have been presented with my master/teacher certificate (even though I still can’t quite believe it myself). I feel so grateful and honoured to be walking this path and to have the full support of LJ, my husband and the rest of my family.

Towards the end of my mastership, each night as my eyelids would start to feel heavy with beckoning sleep, I’d see a shape in the form of a wolf right at the brink of my conscious mind. After a while the shape started to draw closer until I could see this powerful wolf spirit in its full glory. I spoke to LJ about this and she too had been sensing this powerful energy around us!

Generally, my totem/spirit animal has always been my trusty fox, so I was a little taken aback and surprised to suddenly have this new spirit animal come into my life. At first I felt reluctant to acknowledge the wolf, as something about it felt a bit intimidating and frankly, I rather liked my little fox buddy, but after a while I started to sense this wolf energy during the day time. Knowing better than to ignore such powerful signs from my guides, I decided to make myself a piece of wolf totem jewellery so that I could actively start to work with this wolf energy. Thus was born the first Pathfinder Wolf necklace!

It wasn’t long after birthing my own wolf that others started to come through, each with distinct gifts to share. It’s been a really fascinating process getting to know each one! We’ve created these pathfinder wolves to help powerfully support you and each is 100% handmade and powered up with reiki love.

“The Pathfinder Wolves were born from a desire to create wearable sacred tools which would energetically support the wearer to explore their inner world.

Each wolf has a unique personality, energy and medicine (message) to remind the wearer of their innate power as creators of their own reality.

It’s so easy to look outside of ourselves for the answers but there is immense inner power within us all and we wanted to birth a way for people to connect with this.

Sara my reiki master has been working with Tsuki her moon wolf, here’s what she says:


Big love

Anna & LJ xxx



  1. Summah says

    Ladies I am so thrilled for you both. But mostly greatful. Thank you for bringing this sacred offering to us all. I can’t wait!!!

    • Thank you for your support, it means SO much to us Summah! Can’t wait to introduce you to all the wolves (>0<) xxx

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