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Going with the Flow

When our latest pathfinder wolf revealed her medicine/message to us it was all about flowing with life, which got us thinking about what that means.

“Go with the Flow” is such a frequently used phrase but what does it truly mean? Does it mean to just sit back and let life happen to you, like a passive passenger on a ride? Or perhaps it’s trusting that the flow of life will take us towards our highest good, even if the journey doesn’t obviously equate in our logic minds to that outcome and therefore to let go of any resistance to the direction and the manner in which we are being directed to move?


“My name is “Ryuu” ~ 流 – Flow

I am the wolf of Flow, my presence with you is a symbolic reminder that you have the innate power to co-create with the flow of life. No matter what situation you encounter, you have the choice to flow with the energy of what is occurring, so that you may ride the wave of life rather than resist it. I support you to know that by trusting the direction in which the flow is pointing you and riding the wave, you transform every experience into one of empowering co-creation.”



As human beings we cannot control the flow of life, but we can always choose to be a co-creator in the process or resist it, that choice is always there in every given situation we find ourselves. It comes down to which approach we choose to embrace?

Big love

Anna & LJ xxx


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