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Embracing our Star Origins

A little while ago we both had Divine Blueprint Soul Profile’s done by the amazing Susan Walling: kinesiologist, healer, transformation specialist, and all round sparkly, joy-filled, beautiful, light-worker soul. For both of us it has been one of the most freeing and empowering experiences of our lives so we wanted to share this with others.

Personally, for the first time ever I (Anna) feel like the fog around wondering: where I’m really from, why I feel a bit alien and what I’m here to do, has lifted completely. I now have the answers to all those questions because I know exactly where my soul energy originated (Pleiadian), explaining many quirks and traits that I considered faults I needed to work on (impatience, *just do it* attitude (jump first think later), good at the big picture but not so good at the details etc).

This knowledge has not only helped each of us fully embrace our true nature but has helped us both understand, accept and embrace one another more fully too. The things that used to irritate us about one another no longer do, because we understand why we are the way we are and can now see the beauty and strength in our individual foibles. For example, our partnership of Pleiadian (Anna) and Sirian (LJ) works really well because I (Anna) am good at the big picture and LJ is fantastic at the details so together we make an AWESOME team!

In reclaiming this knowledge we both feel like we have reconnected with the energies of our star families which, at the risk of sounding twee, literally makes us feel like we have a huge squad cheering us on in our Earth adventures and we can embrace our quirks as awesome gifts and super powers. We also have so much more clarity around why we are each individually here, which is such a massive RELIEF!


“These readings serve to awaken you to the beauty that you are and also highlight areas that your soul will flourish in. When we get to know ourselves at soul level we let go of judgments on how “we should be” and embrace the gifts we are given.” ~ Susan Walling

So back to how the reading works, it takes the format of a distance reading so there’s no need to physically be there which means it doesn’t matter where you are geographically. Susan delves into your Akashic records (where every thought, intention, action and emotion is stored and recorded from every lifetime you’ve ever lived) and from this she can uncover:

  • the gifts and traits that connect you to your souls originating tribe,
  • your divine gifts and talents that come naturally to you via your unique pathway/s of expression that when embraced create abundance for you,
  • how many guides you have to call on,
  • your chosen life theme (lesson) and
  • your strongest intuitive gifts at present.


To celebrate our reclaimed origins, remind ourselves of why we are here and to support ourselves and other Starseeds who are here to help hold the vibration of unconditional love, we have created a special collection of Starseed Wolves which share one unified message:


I am a wolf of the Star People, my presence with you is a symbolic reminder of your star origins and the ever present love of the Universe and your star family.

I support you to know that, whilst your heart may long for your home of unconditional love, you have consciously chosen your journey here in order to embody that which your soul so clearly remembers.

I encourage you to be mindful to embody this through love, forgiveness, compassion and understanding for and of yourself, so that you may show others the way to a life of conscious creation through your own powerful example.


The Starseed wolves are made from blue Goldstone which is Venetian glass invented in the 17th Century by the Miotti family. It is made from quartz sand (silica) infused with copper particles and cobalt, manganese or chromium giving it the appearance of sparkling stars in a night sky; a little reminder of your star origins!

Final words, never be afraid to embrace who you really are!

Big love to you all

Anna & LJ xx



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