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Interview: Sharing our Story

We were extremely honoured when we were contacted by the lovely Tia Provost whose Pathfinder Wolf is “Yuu” the wolf of Courage. Tia had been getting lots of questions about Yuu whenever she wore him, so she very kindly gave us the opportunity to share our process and story in an interview over on her website, including our recipe for the Pathfinder Wolves:


Here is Tia with “Yuu” along with her sweet canine companion.


Yuu’s message is all about empowerment and embracing the road less traveled so very fitting for this lovely lady:

Yuu” – 勇 – Courage “I am the wolf of Courage, a reflection of your brave spirit. I am a symbolic reminder that you are capable of anything and everything and I support you to take the road less traveled. In journeying the un-mapped by ways and uncharted territories of life, you will discover the truth of your own luminous, courageous soul.”

Click HERE to read the full interview.





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