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The Sacred Nature of the Process

One of the things we feel very passionately about is the energy and intention that goes into our offerings. This means that, to us, the process really matters and is just as, if not more, important than the finished product. For example, this is our recipe for the Pathfinder Wolves:

Wolf energy (spirit animal energy) +

Gemstone energy (crystal energy) +

Silver metal energy (peace, love and protection) +

Reiki (love) +

Handmade energy (intention, care, love) +

Channeled soul message (source energy).

This is also why we only create tools that we need and use ourselves so that all our offerings remain in integrity.



Our Process

Step 1 – Daily Spiritual Practice: We both embrace a daily spiritual practice which supports us in connecting in to ourselves, mother earth and source energy as without this we would fall out of balance with ourselves and be unable to continue the work we do.

Step 2 – Intuition & Trust: We’re all about trusting our intuition. We receive signs, little tap taps from our guides, messages via our dreams all the time. It’s very easy, particularly in the cynical society we live in, to minimise or disregard subtle signs so we make the conscious choice to trust that the subtle signs we receive are meaningful. We feel it’s part of our shared soul journey to take notice, trust and if appropriate share the messages we receive with others…we think of it as remembering things we all already know but have forgotten for a while.

Step 3 – The Form: Deciding what form these messages will take to go out into the world really comes down to our specific skill sets. Anna’s jewellery-making background and my love of design has steered us towards wearable sacred tools, which is how the Pathfinder Wolves ended up being jewellery pieces, but we don’t feel confined to a specific medium so you may find our offerings taking completely different forms in the future!

The main thing that remains the same whatever the form of our offerings is the intention:

To create sacred tools that remind us that we are creators of our own reality, that guide us to go inwards and be less distracted by what we perceive to be outside of us so that we can reclaim our forgotten power.

Big love

Anna & LJ x







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