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The Winged Horses

Many of us are inexplicably drawn to horses, perhaps it’s their gentle empathetic nature or the reassuring sturdiness of their powerful physical form (we don’t talk in terms of horsepower for nothing). We feel it’s this uniting power of gentle energy and strength that allows the horse, as a symbol and spirit animal, to bring together and help balance yin and yang (feminine and masculine) energies, which is sorely needed in our current society.

Since moving to the country a year ago, we’ve had the opportunity to get to know some beautiful horses. At the start we had 3 horses grazing our property and it was such a treat to wake up in the morning and see them drinking from our dam and coming up to our gate to say hello.

At the start we were intimidated by these majestic animals and we didn’t know how to interact with them (having not really grown up around them).

LJ: Something shifted for me when the horse in our neighbours paddock befriended me. I had never noticed her before until now and she literally called out to me to come over and chat. From the first moment I stood near her I felt like I knew her. I’ve never felt a connection like that with a horse. She let me cuddle her, pat her and she was always so gentle with my boys. We nicknamed her ‘Dapple’.

At the same time my beautiful, thoughtful and intuitive friend Summah gifted me a book called the Tao of Equus and as I started reading it, I realised why Dapple and I connected instantly. She was lonely and so was I. I was struggling to feel like I was truly ‘seen’ by others and she reflected this in me.

It was no coincidence that until that point I hadn’t noticed this sweet horse just next door! It is an honour to know her and spend time with her and I realise what an amazing soul she is……I think she reflects back to me my own path of finally honouring who I am and allowing myself and my gifts to be seen.

LJ wearing Amazonite Winged Horse necklace

Anna: I used to be really quite afraid of horses, for a long while I put my fear down to their physical power and strength, but much like LJ’s experience, in retrospect I suspect it was their ability to see straight past the big facade I was putting up to tap into the deep well of my true feelings which, for a long time, I found very difficult to confront. It is definitely no coincidence that horses have come into our lives physically and to in our meditations as spirit animals, such is their deep healing power.

It is from these horses quiet reassuring presence in our daily lives and the appearance of horses, in what we feel is their true form *winged*, in our meditations, that this new collection: “The Winged Horses” has been born.

The Winged Horse is a talisman of the divine feminine, symbolically uniting the physical and spiritual realms through the groundedness of its physical body combined with the ethereal power of its wings. It is a powerful symbolic reminder that we can alter our physical world by tapping in to our non-physical essence. The Winged Horse carries us safely in exploring our non-physical reality.

In creating this collection, our intention was to create a wearable sacred tool to awaken and remind you of your soul essence of pure love which can transform your physical reality.

To celebrate we’ve got a Discount Code for 15% off anything in the shop (expires 14/10/16 at midnight Melbourne time) just type WINGS15 at checkout!


Big Love

Anna & LJ x



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