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Friend comes from the old English word “freond” meaning *to love*. Similarly the German word “Freundin”, the Dutch word “Vriend”, the French word “Ami”, the Spanish word “Amigo” and Italian word “Amico”, all mean *to love*, so that little word “friend” is synonymous with love.

We often think of our relationship with others when we think of *friendship* (I know we do) but can forget that the most intimate relationship we are in is with ourselves. It’s so easy to have one rule for how we treat our friends/loved ones and another for how we treat ourselves.

How often do we treat ourselves in ways we would never dream of treating someone we love? Maybe we can re-frame/re-label that concept of “I/me” as *my best friend*, shifting our perspective of ourselves towards that of someone to love, someone deserving of love just as we would our dearest of friends?

“You are reminded to treat yourself with compassion, kindness, love and respect, as you would your dearest of friends. You are supported to be mindful of how you speak of and to yourself and encouraged to see yourself through the eyes of someone who loves you wholeheartedly. You are so hugely important and precious, never forget that.”

~ Pathfinder wolf *Tomo* channeled message

Just something to think about (^_^)

Big love Anna & LJ xx


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